Nation Mining Colony

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Nation Mining Colony
Type Incursion complex
Number of sites
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature
Loot type isk and CONCORD loyalty points
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Incursion Vanguard site.

Objective is to mine 255 units of Lyavite ore from an asteroid and drop it in a can that spawns when some rats have been killed. The roid can be mined with mining drones, so a logistics with mining drones comes in handy. If you have ore lying around from previous sites you just drop it in the can and forget mining.


Ignore the Eysturs in this site (Everytime Your Shoot Them, Ur Retarded), since only Romis and Tamas are triggers. Additionally, if a Romi spawns during a wave instead of when all Tamas are killed, this is a "fake" Romi and should not be killed as it isn't a trigger for the can to spawn. Also sometimes an Antem Neo or Yulai Crus Cerebi spawns, but those can be safely ignored as well. Shoot only Mara, Schmael, Niarja and Tama.

Preferred fleet composition is 3 Guardians (with mining drones) and 7 Zealots or equivalent.

Wave 1

Warp in. Anchor burns away from the Mara Paleo while everyone else burns towards the Mara. Kill the Schmael in passing and possibly a Romi. The anchor can also burn towards the Mara if it appears it will get stuck on the station, but that decision needs to be made quickly when landing. After the Mara is dead, orbit the anchor and kill the Romis while one or more guardians mine. The miner needs to mine the Lyavite ore and not Veldspar, should take around 2 cycles from mining drone Is. Excess ore can be saved and used in other mining sites.

Wave 2

Wave 3

Killing the Romi spawns the can. Drop 255 ore in can, receive ISK and go on your merry way to a new site.

Flying as anchor

The first person in, preferably a HAC or T3 cruiser, will be the anchor.

An anchor uses the following path:

  1. After you warp in, manually fly directly to your left and away from the rat cloud. This will prompt Mara Paleo to follow you, making it easier for the rest of the fleet to catch up to it.
  2. Turn the camera towards asteroid field, find the Lyavite asteroid and select it. If you can't find the asteroid, ask the miner to broadcast it for you.
  3. Turn the camera so you can watch the rest of fleet chasing down the Mara Paleo. Once they catch up, click approach to head towards the Lyavite asteroid.
  4. Cruise towards the asteroid field while the rest of the fleet rejoins you. Keep an eye on the miner. If the miner gets further than 50km away from you, turn on afterburners and ask the logis and everybody else to do the same, or you'll outrange them.
  5. When you get within 20 km of the miner, turn around to your right and head straight in the middle between the asteroid field and the station. At this point Romi Thalamuses from initial spawn should be close to dying, and this will bring you closer to the frigate wave spawn point, allowing you to be in range to immediately kill Niarja Myelens when they spawn.
  6. Once your miner announces he, or she, is done mining, head over to the right of the station and other structures, so you'll see them passing by on your left side. If you do this will allow you to not bump into the station or the refinery, or having people stuck when trying to warp out.
  7. If your fleet is taking too long to kill the final wave, you should either turn around after you get close to Sansha Shipyards, or if the miner does not have any aggro, simply orbit the Schmaeel wreck.

If you notice the current target the fleet is shooting is getting out of range, don't be afraid to change the course and get closer to it. You will also need to keep an eye on your miner and not let him go out of range (around 70km). If he's 50km or further away head in his general direction, activate your afterburner and ask everyone else to activate it also.

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