Nation Commander Outpost

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Nation Commander Outpost
Type Incursion complex
Number of sites
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature
Loot type isk and CONCORD loyalty points
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Incursion Vanguard site.

The easiest and fastest of Vanguard sites. Warp in, kill stuff until the Sansha's Nation Commander spawns. Kill it, kill everything else. Renyn Metens do not need to be killed.

As with all Vanguard sites, completing it knocks the incursion bar down by 1%, and pays 15Misk and 2k LP for up to 10 dudes. Preferred fleet composition is 3 guardians and 7 zealots or equivalent. Shield fleet would be 7 DPS (Tengu or Cerebus) and three Basilisks, but it's a slower way of tackling the site.

Par time between site completions is 9 minutes, but it has been done in less than 5.


Depending on your capacity for :effort:, there are two options:

  • Warp in, sit still, own everything.

- OR-

  • Warp in.
  • Drop a can with 1 ammo in it (to decloak recons that warp in)
  • Burn off the warpin about 20km towards the spawn point, which is between the rock and the left satellite dish structure.
  • Set Keep At Range on the anchor and turn on afterburner, try to go below the rock so aligning out doesn't bounce off structures.
  • Own everything with short range ammo.

The idea is to 1) get closer to the spawn to be in MF range 2) not be at 0m on the warpin 3) be out of heavy neut range of battleships. The second method generally knocks a minute or two off of completion time.

Everything closes to between 10 and 15km, so load short range ammo. Priority is Nation Commander > Niarjas > Schmaaels > Tamas > everything else.

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