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Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown ~ 0.8 strength
Loot type T2 salvage
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Drone complex. Payout is in drone alloys, which can be worth a lot if you're willing to haul. The real payout, however, is in the T2 salvage you will get off of the overseer. As of 10/4/08, the overseer dropped 9 power circuits (about 45-54 million depending on sell order price). It used to be best to just stick to BC wrecks and up, but with the advent of the Noctis it's easy to collect everything that drops.

As of 2/12/2012, total payout without escalation was 32M in compressed alloys and salvage. (VFK market for minerals, Jita for salvage)

As of 5/27/2012 following the removal of the drone alloys the initial site is now worth a whopping 23M in bounties.


The site has two rooms; the first has about 20 frigs and cruisers and is very easy. A second spawn of about 10 sub-BC ships appears when you approach the acceleration gate.

The second room has 3 BS, ~15 swarming frigates and some cruisers (arranged in three groups) when you warp in; each of these groups seem to aggro separately. Pack a smartbomb or two to deal with the frigs (some warp scramble) or just use small EM drones. After you kill these ships, you get a second spawn of 4 BS (one sentient) plus some support in the same place that the previous BS were located. When you begin firing on those, a third small group of 2-3 BS and a few frigates appears in the center. Go after the group on the left and not the ones in the center, the exception being the frigates which you use your own drones on.. Escalation usually happens on killing the sentient BS. If you kill the group in the center completely, a third group of BS & frigs spawn, many of them tackling and webbing.

This site can be tackled with the same Raven you use to take out the Radiance drone site, and it escalates about as often as a Fortress site does for a pirate faction (IOW damned little).

First escalation: The Russian Roulette (part 1)

The first escalation leads to a ungated site with around 15-20 frigs and cruisers, a half dozen cruise missile batteries, and a Sentinent spawn. The site can escalate after killing the last of the standard drone ships. Easily soloable. Use the Radiance technique for handling the escalations: warp in to the site in your pod, get a bookmark to the site, then you can warp back at a comfortable range to handle everything.

Second escalation: The Russian Roulette (part 2)

This escalation warps straight into a enormous drone hive with 4 battleships and several large waves of frigates and cruisers and some missile batteries. There were scramblers around but a raven + shield priest dominix will do fine. There is a sentient spawn but no hive queen.

11/3/11 - no escalation

Third escalation: The Russian Roulette (part 3)

Placeholder in the event someone ever gets this far.

Fourth escalation: The Russian Roulette (part 4)

Placeholder in the event someone ever gets this far.


The site can escalate further to part 3 and 4; if you do get the further escalations all the way part 2 and 3 will be much like part 1, except the escalation trigger for part 3 is finding and bumping into a large collidable object called "warning sign", like in Radiance. At this time the final escalation may or may not be bugged; there are several reports that it does not spawn any hive mother or sentient spawn. Didn't spawn any for me.

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