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Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Yes (first site only)
Gated Yes (first site only)
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type T2 salvage
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Highend drone complex. As with all drone complexes, the payout is in the final site; if you don't get there you get pretty much nothing worthwhile. It's the rarest-spawning plex from the 0.0 drone escalation plexes but it's actually quite easy if kited properly.

This complex is not worth the time or effort. Being stabbed in the eye repeatedly is more enjoyable than this complex.


First room

  • Gate at 50 km
  • 2x Disintegrator Alvum
  • 3x Enforcer Alvatis

After approaching the gate:

  • 8x Guard Drones (4 assfrigs)
  • 6x Frig sized drones (2 assfrigs)

Alternate version: nothing on warpin. 6 cruisers spawn when within 5km of the gate, followed by 7 frigates a short time later.

Second room

  • 4x Cruise Batteries
  • 20ish Frigs
  • 3x Cruisers

Alternate version: 4x cruise batteries, 16x cruisers, 8x frigs

Approach Warning Sign (large collidable object):

  • 7x Battleships (most often Rulers and/or Matriarchs)
  • 1x Sentient BS
  • 15ish Frigs

Alternative version: 7x BS, ~7 cruisers, ~8 frigates.

After killing most of this wave four more BS spawn but killing them isn't necessary to finish the plex. Hilariously the phrase "Hierarchy is empty" will show in your local chat regardless of whether or not the site escalates. The real escalation notification will be a popup and addition to your journal.

The escalation triggers (or not) after killing most of the battleships.

The easy solo method using only a cruise raven: Kill the initial spawns focusing on the cruise batteries first, this is pretty easy. Approach the warning sign and 6 frigates will spawn, do not kill them, instead just tank them and slowboat 50-70 km away. Now kill them all and the BS and the very hurty Faction BS will spawn in, keep moving and shoot them all down. Range will make up for any weakness in your tank. Bookmark the sentient wreck and warp back to it to salvage and loot after the site is gone.

First escalation: Trouble in Paradise (Part 1)

Ungated, only one room. On warp-in there are 8 battleships as well as various cruiser/bc/frig support. None of the frigs seem to scramble. After elminating the BS, the second wave spawns with a few HACs and normal cruisers. Finally the third wave is just a few more frigs, nothing major. After killing everything it can escalate to the next site.

Second escalation: Trouble in Paradise (Part 2)

This is also ungated, with one room. There are about 10 battleships, 8 bc, 4 hacs, and 10 frigs that don't seem to scramble. Reinforcement waves are 3 frigs/3 destroyers and then 3 BS/4 BC. The DPS is quite high, kiting the site by making 100km warpins with your pod is recommended. Alternatively bring two priests and a good tank.

May '13 update: When I warped in, 6 scramming/webbing frigs dropped in on top of me with a ton of cruisers/BS support. Definitely make a warpin. Also, some Sansha rats? whatever, fuck ccp

Third escalation: Trouble in Paradise (Part 3)

This one is slightly easier. Go in a pod first to trigger all the spawns since they're timed to fuck with your priest. 7 bs with various support.


I had an alternative version of this site with 8 BS for starters and a mix of drone and SANSHA rats (sansha inties and battlecruisers only). Killing the sansha BC resulted in a wave of 4 queens ans 6 drone HAC's, killing off smaller drone BS eventually triggered the spawn of 4 rulers. Finally there was a spawn of 4 creators, possibly timed. The aggro was extremely gay and resulted in several smaller ships refusing to shoot anything but my drones. I finished the plex by dropping a carrier on it but it is possible to kite if you are not flying a droneboat.


sweet mother of fuck how many drones are going to spawn in this shitty escalation

Final escalation: Trouble in Paradise (Part 4)

Final and ironically the easiest escalation. Warp to it in a pod because it will start a cascade of spawns that lasts about 10 minutes, then warp back in your ship and go to town. First wave is 3 bs, 8 bc, and various hacs/frigs. After most are dead, the second wave is 3 BS, a hive mother, and various support. Final wave (you don't really even have to worry about it) is 2 BS and a few frigs/destroyers. The hive mother drops a fuck load of T2 loot.

Trip Reports

Initial Site

6/14/09: No sentient BS in the warning sign spawn, but after killing it, it escalated anyway.

7/21/09: the sentient spawned and I killed it about 4th from last, no escalation, no message that I saw. Worst plex I've ever run.

9/24/09: A small trap was encountered on the acceleration gate to the second room. After jumping the tank in to the second room, a small group of Strain drones (about 8) spawned on the first side, locking the acceleration gate, and preventing the priest from following the tank into the next room. Correspondingly, the initial spawn in room two contained about 10 more cruisers. The strain spawn was cleared and the gate unlocked. Make sure your tank can take the abuse for a little while.

10/2/09: Like in the 9/24 report, initial second room spawn was cruiser heavy. Approaching the warning sign spawned 7 frigs/destroyers, attacking them immediately spawned 4 cruisers and 3 BC. Attacking them spawned 3 Alvus Queens and 3 destroyers, attacking them spawned 3 Supreme Alvus Parasites. Site escalated after killing the Parasites, and 4 Alvus Controllers spawned along with a sentient drone BS.

4/21/2011: The above report was completely accurate. You can still get the sentient drone without the escalation (like i did, fuck ccp)

5/18/2011: As in other cases, message came after killing the last of the second wave but before the sentient spawn. My suspicion is that the site was altered during a prior patch cycle. No escalation.

2/25/2012: I hate this site. Ugh. Notify location, hierarchy empty. I still got the escalation.

First escalation

6/14/09: there was a sentient BS in the spawn. Killing it gave a dead end message with about a third of the spawn still left over.

10/2/09: Dead end after killing the sentient BS, no salvage from the sentient BS, fuck exploration.

04/05/10: Second wave spawned with two BS to go. Salvage was average for the sentient BS.

Second escalation

7JAN10 - Deadend here, Sentients in each stage, however

Third escalation

04/29/2014: Confirm bizarre Sansha rats (this was in Tenal). Centii Loyal Plague, Centii Loyal Butcher and 2x Centatis Daemon, possibly others

Final escalation

04/29/2013: Hierarchy Hive Mother dropped ~300M in T2 salvage. ~68M in bounties from the whole chain. Completed in a tanky Drake.

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