H-PA Crew Crash Production Facility

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H-PA Crew Crash Production Facility
Type Booster production/hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Ladar
Loot type Crash related BPCs & materials
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The Core Runner Exile Production Facility & Chain Mindflood Production Facility are almost identical to this site. Things have different names and the drops will be related to the Crash booster, but the overall makeup of the spawns and the dangers are basically the same, so use this as your helpful guide.


As one of the most well-organized and opportunistic outfits inside the Guristas, the H-PA Crew were not caught unaware when synth booster production and sale was legalized inside Empire space. They quickly finalized their own preparations and set out in small jump freighter gangs from the core Venal system where they had first earned a name for themselves. Their goal was to be the primary supplier in and around Caldari space for anyone seeking the enhanced form of the same Blue Pill and Crash boosters that were now flowing freely across all empire-sanctioned markets.

They figured that capsuleers and other spacefaring clients would likely want the improved versions once they realized the limitations of synth booster variants. Their estimation hasn’t proved wrong and these days the H-PA narco-squads are very well funded.


Initial Wave

On Warp-in:

  • 5 Battleships - 1,218,750/1,162,500 Bounty
  • 5 Elite Cruisers - 270,000/225,000 Bounty (possible jammers)
  • 4 Elite Frigates - 28,125/27,000/21,375 Bounty (some web/scram)
  • 1 Captain Battleship - 2,000,000 Bounty
  • 1 Lieutenant Cruiser - 12km Orbit - 1,000,000 Bounty
  • 4 Cruise Batteries - 55,000 Bounty
  • 2 Neut Batteries

The neut batteries have a range of about 65-70km making it possible to warp into the site at range, snipe the batteries at a safe distance, and then complete the rest of the site.

Second Wave

-Triggered after killing last close range BS (if no captain is present) or possibly last non-captain BS

  • 5 Battleships - 1,218,750/1,162,500 Bounty
  • 4 Elite Cruisers - 270,000/225,000 Bounty (possible jammers)
  • 3 Elite Frigates - 28,125/27,000/21,375 Bounty (Some Web/Scram/Jam)

Hacking Containers

There are up to 8 hacking containers that randomly spawn. These can be accessed without killing any rats and do not spawn any new waves. The drops can include booster-related BPCs, materials, and skillbooks. Unfortunately, CCP still thinks it's funny to drop a bunch of random crap in place of anything useful, so you can expect some frustration running these.


  • The Neut Towers are pretty serious, target them first. If you are not flying a cap-careless setup, be sure to bring backup priest options. Fortunately, the neut towers are relatively short range, and you can warp to this site at whatever range you want, since there's no gate.
  • Destroying the structures doesn't seem to drop anything, and neither does the cargo bays/docked transports.
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