Guristas Provincial HQ

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Guristas Provincial HQ
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace varies
Gated varies
Probe signature ~0.05
Loot type Pith X-Type
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The highest end Guristas escalation site. This thing is relatively easy given its description until the final escalation, when it makes both the Blood Provincial HQ and the Blood/Guristas 10/10 look like walks in the park. Sell the bookmark unless you have a carrier to drop on the end plex.


First room

The initial acceleration gate warps you in next to a big cage-like structure with a control tower and a bunch of other structures in it. The room has 8 battleships, 5 battlecruisers, 5 frigs (some scrambling) and two stasis towers. Blow up the control tower to unlock the gate; nothing more spawns in the first room. You can ignore this entire room - just blow up the tower and use the gate. Gate also unlocks with DG Crystal tag, and that's the only way to complete it if some ass-hat blew up the tower but didn't complete plex before downtime.

Second room

Second room has a Caldari station (named Guristas War Installation) inside another cage-like structure, plus 6 battleships, 6 frigates (some scrambling/webbing), 4 tower sentries and 4 siege railgun batteries (about 100k HP), all around 80km from the warpin point. DPS is considerably higher than in the first room. Blow up as many of the ships as you need to to reduce total room DPS; ignore the siege batteries as they're too much effort.

When you've killed enough ships, attack the station. As in the Guristas Military Complex, each player that attacks the station triggers a possibly grid-wide kinetic smartbomb (about 7K damage before resists.) This smartbomb will wipe out any drones on the field. The station has a ton of HP, but when it's in low structure another spawn will appear, consisting of 12 BS (one possible faction spawn), 6 cruisers/BC and 6 scrambling/webbing frigates. They aggro instantly and randomly so make sure your priests are prepared, and be careful with your drones. Either killing the faction BS or the station has a chance to escalate the plex.

No jamming ships were spotted during the entire run, but the spawns are likely random so don't count on that always being the case.

This room can barely be soloed by the passive shield Ishtar fit in the wiki if you take out the first wave before spawning the second and have great shield skills. Otherwise, use 2+ ships.

7/18/2010 Edit: The Siege guns no longer have 100k EHP, it has been reduced to more in the realm of 15-20. Can be killed with minimal bother if you plan to come back and salvage.

7/3/2010 Edit: The second room was easy with 1290 dps tanked with eft set on 50% therm 50% kin damage, flew a passive t2 ishtar with 1 kin and 1 therm hardener.

9/29/2011: Edit: I killed the station after it had been reduced to 50% structure and the final fleet had spawned. There was DG spawn on grid, but killing the station escalated the plex even without the DG being dead. I don't know if killing the DG can cause escalation as well. EDIT: It can. 1/19/13: No escalation

First escalation: No Quarter (Part 1)

The Gurista version of the first rooms in the Sansha Provincial HQ and Angel Provincial HQ respectively. There are 8 battleships, 1 faction battleship, 3 HACs, and 4 destroyers at warp in, along with an acceleration gate. Kill the faction BS to escalate the plex. If you warp out, warping back in will take you directly to the second room where there is another chance to escalate it.

Second escalation: No Quarter (Part 2)

You warp in to see 2 jamming frigates, 9 battleships, 1 faction battleship, 10 HACs, 2 web towers, and 6 Tower Sentry III's. Destroy the tower structure (Gurista Control Center) or the faction BS to trigger the next escalation. This site is not deadspace so you can do this in two minutes with a carrier.

Note: the shield ishtar that can perma-tank the initial plex here *cannot* solo tank this one forever due to the stasis towers. It can hold out long enough to kill the BS and get out, but you will have to lose the drones doing so.

Third escalation: No Quarter (Part 3)

Not deadspace.

You warp in to see 9 battleships (1 faction BS), 8-10 HACs/cruisers (some jam), a few frigates, 2 siege towers, 2 stasis web towers, and 1 Gurista Annihilation Missile Battery (does about 5000 EM damage before resists every 10 seconds). The stasis towers and spawns are 110 km from the warp in and on the opposite sides of the plex; the plex itself does over 3000 dps combined. However, the site is not deadspace and there are asteroids next to each stasis tower; bookmark the roids, warp out, warp in, shoot the faction BS/bookmark the wreck, warp out, warp in to loot and out again, and you're done.

Aggressing on the Annihilation Missile Battery triggers a second wave which consists of 12 battleships and 10 frigates (webbing and warp scrambling) but since the trigger is shooting the faction BS you don't need to do that.

Fourth escalation: No Quarter (Part 4)

Not deadspace. If you do not drop a carrier on it, this thing is easily a 4 ship minimum, more likely 5 or 6.

Quoting the pubbie wiki:

Initial Spawn: 7 Dire Frigate class; 5 Dire Cruiser class; 2 Stasis Towers Batteries; 17 Battleship class; 3 Frigate class; 3 Cruiser class; 5 Siege Railgun Sentry Batteries; 5 Siege Blaster Sentry Batteries.

Upon attacking the Guristas War Installation a second wave undocks and starts to attack. This wave comprises 4 Dire Frigate class; 10 Cruiser class; 5 Dire Cruiser class; 15 Battleship class npcs.

After clearing this second wave, you may continue attacking the Guristas War Installation. When the building reaches 50% hull remaining then the final wave of enemies undock to stop you.

This final wave, while not as large as the previous waves, is suprisingly deadly. Its make up comprises 8 Spider Drone III; 8 Inzi Kika Disciples and Terrorist Overlord Inzi Kika.

You warp in at about 200km from the War Installation. All the siege batteries and rats are at a roughly 100km circle around you and will immediately aggro. To make things faster you can warp (your carrier) directly to the structure. However, you must at least clear the first wave of rats (except the siege batteries) out before attacking the structure, because the second wave + Inzi Kika + the batteries combined were slightly outdamaging my mediocre resist fit carrier's CAR.

Once enough DPS is thinned out, proceed to kill the station and spawn Inzi Kika. The 16 frigate spawns around him will immediately scram + web any drones. Kika himself is a 1946 dps (1723 kinetic, 223 thermal) BS with an over 1500 dps tank and his AI, while not exactly Sleeper (he will not retarget) is seemingly aimed at attacking weaker targets, i.e. fighters, logistics and BS in that order. Most of that DPS is from a torpedo that fires every 6.5s, has a 192km range and can't really be speed tanked (since the spider drones will instaweb you). In addition, the siege batteries that wind up out of range of your main tank will also target your drones + support, while many of the rats that you don't shoot from the earlier waves are jammers and will happily jam your carrier. I lost a fighter, some drones and almost lost a BS simply through not paying attention for a minute.

Once Kika is finally dead, loot him for Pith X-type drop(s) and get out.

Note : while scouting - go with a pod first time. I went with bomber - there is a dead convoy ship (looks like crane) right on warp in. It decloaks ships and rails one shot it. Once you get a bookmark inside you can go with a bomber. Careful some of the asteroids - when "warp to 0" command means warping to their center , but they are huge and hollow - thus you will still decloak.

Trip Reports

04/22/10: See above. A carrier with 5 fighters, a priest dominix with T2 ogres, and a scorch apoc were not enough to break Kika's tank. Sending out 9 fighters made the difference so his total tank is between 1500-2000 dps. He dropped a Pith X-type XLSB and a bunch of named t1 gear.

04/24/10: Easier but longer if you're thorough and kill everything ahead of time. Pith X-type SBA, DG cloaking device.

04/29/10: Initial spawn, and first spawn soloed by a Thanatos with warpins at the corners by a pod. If you're doing it this way I suggest using fighters to destroy the Siege Blaster batteries, as all of those plus Kika on the last wave can break a carrier tank handily. 9 Fighters alone in a Thanatos couldn't break Kika's tank (close). Brought in a torp raven fitted for max gank. Kika is immune to web and target painters. Both ships together broke the tank, dropped DG Carbonized lead S rounds and a Diamond tag.

11/11/2010: No loot, nothing except for a DG tag.

02/21/2011: Archon and two Tengus completed this and got Pith X-Type Large Shield Booster, Pith X-Type X-Large Shield Booster, and a Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amp.

08/03/2011: Started with a fighters 5, carrier 4 thanatos and a Tengu. Didn't have enough DPS to finish the overseer, brought in a 3rd ship finally and finished him off. DG Large Shield Booster. Fuck goons.

11/04/2011: Initial site didn't escalate at all. Used a tank-fit passive Drake and a DPS battleship-- worked great. DG spawn dropped a tag and named garbage. Fuck CCP.

24/08/2011: Fully escalated, X-type explosion and DG webifier. Also got some DG stuff along the way, total value ~400m.

17/09/2011: Fully escalated, done in 2 tengu, maelstrom, machariel. DG 425mm Railgun and DG Ballistic Deflection Field, FUCK FUCK FUCK CCP.

29/9/2011: Fully escalated, every escalation prior to the final one was done in a 2x Dominix 1x Megathron fleet; easily handled all three escalations. The final escalation was done with 1x carrier (12x Dragonfly), 1x Dominix (5x Wasp II) and a blaster Proteus firing Void at 200m. It took 10 minutes to bring Kika down with all DPS on him. Rattlesnake BPC, Pith X-Type kinetic deflection field, DG 425mm Railgun, DG Large Graviton Smartbomb, and Kika salvaged into 12x T2 micro circuits.

14/10/2011: Fully escalated, run with 3x Tengu, 2x Drake. DG Heat Dissipation Amplifier. Fuck CCP.

18/12/2011: Escalated, but dead ended at first part

23/12/2011: Escalated up to 2nd part. DG Ballistic Control System. Used Tengu + Priest Domi. F U C K C C P.

7/1/2012: Fully escalated. Dropped 2 tengus and an Archon on Kika and STILL couldn't break the fucker's tank. A second carrier was brought in. Final drop: DG Stasis Web. FUCK YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FUCKING FUCK OF A COUNTRY CCP

2/1/2012: Escalation to part 2. We got message for more.. but no journal marking. Got 20m worth of loot from the trip. Happy happy joy joy. I love you CCP! I love you guys too! I love the.. Honestly, fucking fuck fuuu...

11/03/2012: Didn't escalate

11/03/2012: Escalated, but dead ended at first part

13/03/2012: Fully escalated, X-type explosion and DG explosion. Also got DG Warp Dis&Scram, ~4k DG torp's.

22/3/2012: Fully escalated: Pith A-type X-large Shield Booster, Dread Guristas Ballistic Deflection Field, Dread Guristas Warp Scrambler, Some other Pith A thing I forgot what it was. About 640mil total. We brought down Kika with an Archon, Tengu and an Alfafleet maelstrom we rushed in when the Tengu and carrier couldn't break Kika.

22/3/2012 Escalated through two stages then dead end, but one of the escalations dropped a DG invuln along the way so not bad.

04/05/2012: Dead ended at first part, 2 DG spawns with tags and ammo

04/12/2012: No Escalation, DG spawn dropped 10 mil in meta modules

06/02/2012: No Escalation, DG 425mm Railgun ~50mil

06/12/2012: No Escalation, DG Inferno Torps, 20mil Meta. Fuck CCP.

06/23/2012: Fully escalated, DG Invuln (at 2nd or 3rd stage), Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier from Kika. I used a carrier with 11 fighters and Machariel on alt; I was just able to break Kika's tank. (I lost 2 fighters when they were insta-webbed by the last wave of frigs that spawn with Kika, they died JUST outside scoop range. Make sure you are close to your fighters so you can scoop to drone bay on the final wave.) 11/21/2012: Fully escalated, DG cloak, Scram x2, cruise launcher, and a passive em shield hardner dropped. Dropped 4 carriers and a hurricane on the overlord. He dropped one of the scrams. ~200m in loot :FUCK CCP:

29.12.2012: DG, no escalation. DG Warp Disruptor.

18.1.2013: Full escalation, no loot in final room besides tags and ammo :fuck ccp:

29.01.2013: Full escallation, nidhogger+rattlesnake+gila+ishtar. Siege rails and blaster do NOT switch target from carrier. So you need to only be careful for the rats once you warp in the capital. Loot was a gurista gun + ammo. F... ccp.

29.03.2013: Full escalation, used an Ishtar and Tengu for all but the last two rooms. Used a thanatos and archon. X-Type Explosive Deflection Field, X-Type Kinetic Deflection Field, DG Cloaking Device, DG L hybrid ammo. I believe the station dropped Guristas L hybrid ammo.

21.05.2013: Full escalation, used 6 Tengus final room, only guns were a threat, boss was easy. Pith X-type Large shield booster, Pith X-type Explosive Deflection Field, meta 4 BCS, faction ammo. First 3 stages DG web, DG em amplifier, meta 4 BCS

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