Guristas Hidden Hub

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Guristas Hidden Hub

Previously a worthless mish-mash of low bounty rats, the anom buff in Crucible transformed this anomaly into a cash cow rivaling the Guristas Sanctum.

The type of rats vary in name, and based on limited runs no frigates at all appear to spawn, so you are rarely scrammed, web or jammed. This is not always the case; some anoms will spawn multiple frigates, however they do not seem to scram or jam.

Killing the last (or second to last) Battleship triggers the next spawn. This site can have a Dread Guristas spawn, and it can escalate to the Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point.


1st wave

  • 7 Battleships: Usurpers/Massacrers (or combination of the two) - 900k to 1.2m isk bounty per kill
  • 6 battle cruisers(varies in type) - 100k+ isk bounty

2nd wave

  • 3-4 Battleships: Usurpers or Massacrers - see above
  • 4 Battle cruisers: Dire mortifiers or variation thereof 200k+ isk bounty

3rd wave

  • 4 Battleships: Usurpers usually - see above
  • 3 Battle cruisers: Enforcers or variation thereof - 100k + isk bounty

4th wave

  • 3 Battleships: Massacrers - see above
  • 3 Battle cruisers: Dire Mortifiers or variation thereof - see above

5th wave

  • 3-4 Battleships: Either Usurpers or Massacrers - see above
  • Dire Guristas spawn (rare) - ????

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