Guristas Forsaken Rally

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Guristas Forsaken Hub
Type Exploration Complex
Number of sites 1
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Cosmic Anomaly
Loot type  ?
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Gurista exploration complex. Sometime in the past year, these got buffed, and have quite a few more battleships. More reward, more difficulty.


Warping to this signature results in a popup:

Formed by two former members of the Caldari Navy who go by the names "Fatal" and "the Rabbit," the Guristas are a constant thorn in the side of the Caldari State. Traditional pirates in the sense that their operation is not based around some creed or ideology, the Guristas are motivated by plain and simple greed. They have bases close to Caldari space, and from them they embark on daring raids, often into the State itself. Though the Guristas are considered more honorable than many of their piratical counterparts, they are still extremely dangerous and not to be trifled with.

First wave

1x Pith Exterminator (Battleship, ECM)

1x Dire Pithum Abolisher (Cruiser)

Second Wave

3x Pith Conquistador (Battleship)

3x Pithum Inferno (Frigate)

Third Wave

3x Pith Usurper (Battleship)

3x Dire Pithi Infiltrator (Frigate, Web, Scram)

Fourth Wave

4x Pith Massacrer (Battleship)

3x Pithatis Assaulter (Battlecruiser)

Fifth Wave

4x Pith Usurper (Battleship)

3x Dire Pithum Mortifier (Cruiser)

Sixth Wave

4x Pith Conquistador (Battleship)


Ship info is based on a run on 02/18/2012. Was no trouble for my ratting Raven, with the only significant DPS occurring on the 4th wave, but the battlecruisers go down really fast. Clearing this netted 24,391,876 ISK bounty after taxes.
- 17.02. 2013, ran the site in a Vindicator with no trouble. 2 frigates warp scrambled me, drones don't get attacked, no ECM. Total bounty after taxes: 23,2 mil ISK. Salvaged all the wrecks and got about 15 mil ISK.

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