Guristas Forlorn Rally Point

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Guristas exploration complex.

- Note: This CAN spawn more than two waves (5/5/12) and it seems the Dire Pithum cruisers are the trigger. - When a new wave spawns, there will be two different Dire Pithum cruiser types, one cruiser will be of the second type. That's the trigger for the next wave.

First Wave

  • 1 x Dire Pithum Inferno cruiser
  • 1 x Dire Pithum Mortifier cruiser
  • 3 x Pithatis Death Dealer cruisers
  • 1 x Pithatis Revolter cruiser
  • 2 x Pithum Abolisher cruiser
  • 1 x Pithum Inferno cruiser
  • 1 x Pithum Mortifier cruiser

Second Wave

  • 2 x Dire Pithum Abolisher cruisers
  • 3 x Pith Dismantler battleships
  • 1 x Pith Extinguisher battleship

Third Wave

- Yes, there is a third wave. I bugged out but someone else can update this.

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