Guristas Base

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Guristas Base
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Pith C-Type
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Higher end Gurista escalation site. Very similar to the Sansha equivalent. Can be solo'd in a well fit BS or a T3; drakes can run it, but need remote reps. Be sure to fit EM hardeners.


Gurista Base is one the easiest and most common 0.0 security space exploration complex found in areas of space inhabited by the Guristas, like Deklein.

The gate allows use by any non-capital ship type.

The complex is comprised of two deadspace rooms.

Room 1

The first group has 2 Frigate class npcs and 1 Dire Cruiser class npc. Second group has 4 Cruiser class npcs. Upon destruction of the Dire Cruiser in Group1 an additional 2-3 Cruiser class npcs will spawn.

Note: The area between objectives in this exploration site is over 100km of travel. Please also note that there's a large amount of ECM done by these rats. Never had a problem in a Tengu, though.

Room 2

First span is between 6 and 8 Cruiser class npcs, split evenly with half being a Dire variant. Upon destruction of one of this group a second group spawns around 100km away. The second group will include 2-3 Battleship class npcs and 2-3 Dire cruiser class npcs. This will include a lot of jammy bastards.

After finishing off these two groups of npcs, you continue towards the trigger in the complex. In this exploration site it is named Experimental Weapon.

At a certain proximity(~40km) to the experimental weapon a small group, 2-3, npcs spawn to protect it. The experimental weapon also deploys 2 missile batteries upon aggression to protect itself and can further deploy an additional four cruiser class npcs.

Upon destruction of the experimental weapon a final group spawns.

Group3 4 Battleship class npc, plus a chance of a Dread Guristas Battleship. This groups spawns approximately 150km away. Please note: No message accompanying the destruction of the experimental weapon signifies no escalation.



Warp in to the room, no acceleration gate. Single BS, chance of being DG. My tengu was able to pop it before another wave spawned. You get 3 "Warnings" in local, and then 4 BS and 4 Frigs warp in. Immediately after another wave comes in, 7 frigs, 6 BS, and 3 BC's. Frigs will scram and web. Site can escalate after clearing all the rats.


Warp in to the room, no acceleration gate. Seven BS, 3 saboteurs, 7 BCs/HACs, and a lot of them are jammy bastards. There is a chance of a DG in this. Destroy the Research Facility for a chance at a final spawn, including the Overseer. Upon aggression of the Research Facility, five cruise missile batteries will spawn. Destruction of the Research Facility and no message means no escalation. Note: The escalation is in the same location. :CCP:

Loot History

6/25/2012: Tags, DG Web, Ammo, no escalation

7/06/2012: No DG, Escalation to first path with DG (tags, ammo)

8/16/2012: DG with DG BCS, DG Warp Scrambler, DG Co-Processor, escalation

10/11/2012: Escalation, 2x DG with ammo, no C-Type Loot. :ccp:

1/18/2016: No DG, no escalation fuck CCP

02/02/2013 DG Ammo and tag, no escalation fuck CCP.

02/22/2013 No DG, no escalation.

05/22/2013 No DG, no escalation

05/26/2013: NO DG, Got Escalation.

05/28/2013: NO DG, Escalation to 1st part only. (NO DG there either) :ccp:

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