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Appears to be identical to Serpentis Sanctum without the sensor dampening or blaster ships. Much easier on the tank due to cruise missiles hitting for garbage although you're REALLY going to want either a domi/ishtar or a separate DPS ship as you'll spend half your time jammed. Unlike in the Serpentis version, the next spawn only seems to trigger after you completely clear the previous one. There's a rings o' hardeners version, for more details, read the Blood Sanctum article.

For some reason, the version with the station starts with a 3xBS spawn ongrid, to trigger the rest of the spawns shoot the structure. Despawns really quickly if you have to warp out, I just leave my scout cloaked ongrid. Someone clean this up and put in a trip report, mine despawned when Comcast decided to disconnect all my clients randomly ;_;


Station Version

Rats spawn when you attack the "pirate complex" large structure in the middle of the site.

First Wave:

  • 3 Dire Pithum Annihilator (Jamming cruiser)
  • 4 Dire Pithi Demolisher
  • 7 Pith Massacrer (Battleship 1,152,500)

Next wave spawns when any two ships remain.

Second Wave:

  • 3 Dire Pithum Eraser
  • 4 Pith Usuper

Third Wave:

  • 4 Dire Pithi Demolisher
  • 4 Pith Usurper

Forth Wave:

  • 3 Pithatis Revolter
  • 4 Pith Usurper

Fifth Wave:

  • 4 Dire Pithi Despoiler (Jamming Frigate 22,500)
  • 2 Pith Destroyer
  • 3 Pith Massacrer (Battleship 1,152,500)
  • 3 Pith Mortifier

Sixth Wave:

  • 2 Dire Pithi Saboteur (Jamming frigate)
  • 3 Pithatis Revolter
  • 4 Pith Massacrer (Battleship 1,152,500)
  • 4 Pithior Supremacist

Seventh Wave:

  • 3 Die Pithi Wrecker
  • 3 Dire Pithum Abolisher (Cruiser 281,250)
  • 3 Pith Massacrer (Battleship 1,152,500)
  • 3 Pithatis Executor (Battlecruiser 161,250)

Blew up station. Said "Dust and debris spews forth from the station as it quickly breaks apart". Nothing else.

Alternate Station Version

1st Wave

  • 4x Dire Pithum Nullifier (ECM)
  • about 4 non-scramming frigates
  • about 4 Pith Massacrer (1.162M)
  • about 4 Pith Usurper (1.218M)

2nd Wave

  • 4x Dire Pithum Inferno
  • 3x Pith Massacrer (1.162M)

3rd Wave

  • 3x Dire Pithi Demolisher
  • 4x Pith Massacrer (1.162M)

4th Wave

  • 4x Pithatis Executor
  • 4x Pith Massacrer (1.162M)

5th Wave

  • 3x Dire Pithi Saboteur (ECM)
  • 3x Pithum Eraser
  • 2x Pith Conquistador (993K)
  • 3x Pith Usurper (1.218M)

6th Wave

  • 3x Dire Pithi Despoiler (ECM)
  • 3x Pithior Supremacist
  • 2x Pithatis Death Dealer
  • 3x Pith Usurper (1.218M)

7th Wave

  • 3x Dire Pithi Wrecker
  • 3x Dire Pithum Eraser
  • 4x Pithatis Death Dealer
  • 4x Pith Massacrer (1.162M)

The first wave's four jamming cruisers are pretty tough to get past (did it with ECCM'd Typhoon, got almost perma-jammed, had good drone skills, survived only due to dual reps).

Bubble Ring Version

Wave 1

(The Second Ring)

  • 3-4x BC; Executor, Death Dealer, Enforcer, Assaulter
  • 6-8x BS; Usurpers, Massacrers

Wave 2

(The First Ring)

  • 4x BC; Executors, Revolter, Assaulter
  • 3x BS; Usurper

Wave 3

(The Third Ring)

  • 3-4x Cruisers; Dire Pithum Killers
  • 3-4x BS; Usurper, Massacrer

Wave 4

(The Fourth Ring)

  • 4x Frigates; Imputor, Arrogator, Infiltrator
  • 4x BS; Usurper, Massacrer

Wave 5

(The Fifth Ring)

  • 3-4x Frigates; Imputor, Infiltrator, Invader
  • 3-4x Cruisers; Mortifier, Eraser
  • 6-7x BS; Usurper, Massacrer
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