Gurista Fortress

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Gurista Fortress
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Pith A-Type
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Mid-end Gurista escalation site. Soloable in a single well fitted, high skilled PvE BS and dead easy in a T3; easy to run in a drake with remote rep support. Quite similar to the other pirate fortresses.


First room

Has 2-4 groups of rats. Two of the groups are composed of 3-4 BS and 3-6 BC/Cruisers each, while the other two have 3-4 BC's/Cruisers and 3-6 frigates. The cruiser groups aggro together, the BS groups aggro separately. Aggression is triggered when you do damage to a member of a group.

Second room

3 cruise batteries 3 stasis batteries, 4BS and around 20 mixed frig/cruiser/HAC/BC's. Everything agresses at you straight away, but its actually pretty easy to tank, there are less jamming ships as well. The only annoying part is the stasis towers that are 70+km off the warpin and webs you to around 10m/s which leads to a lot of slowboating if your weapons don't reach that far. The escalation trigger is one of the four gurista bunkers next to the batteries.

There is a possibility of a mid-tier Dread Gurista BS spawning after killing the non agressing rat in the second room.

First escalation: Hired Gun (Part 1)

Upon warpin there is a deadspace gate guarded by another 6 BS, 5 cruisers and (possibly) a Dread Guristas BS.

Second room is empty except for a Gallente military station ruins building. If killing the DG spawn in the 1st room doesn't do it, approach the station to get a chance at a further escalation.

Second escalation: Hired Gun (Part 2)

This is a naked deadspace pocket (no gate) with 5 BS, 1 Dread Guristas BS, and a number of support ships ranging from Dire Pithi frigates to Pithatis BCs. They aggro immediately and offer no unusual challenges (Khefron: I wasn't tackled and was jammed infrequently during this site). The site escalated after killing a certain percentage of the rats (the DG boss was still alive). The trigger may be one of the Dire Pithum Abolishers.

Third escalation: Hired Gun (Part 3)

This initially looks much the same as part 1, although the DG BS spawn is somewhat higher grade. Upon warping through the acceleration gate you'll find 1 BS, 4 jamming cruisers, and a smattering of other lesser rats surrounding a rock about 20km away from the warp in. Killing the last rat here gives you your escalation message.

Final escalation: Hired Gun (Part 4)

Upon arriving at the site, you'll find an acceleration gate. After taking the gate, you'll be dumped right on top of another gate, but surrounded by about 8 jamming cruisers, 3 BS, and several frigates. Expect to be jammed continually in this room.

The second room contains another 8-10 jammers, 4-5 BS, and a number of frigates and battlecruisers. Oh yeah, it also has a Dread Pith Protagonist, the star of this escalation. In his wreck you might find some Pith A-type loot.

Trip Reports

Initial Site

8/19/2010: Escalated off of killing one of the BSs

6/11/2010: Killed DG BS. He dropped DG Invul. No escalation.

12/06/2010: No faction spawn or escalation. Suck my wrinkly anus, CCP.

1/3/2010: Killed DG BS, dropped DG Invul and Crystal Beta implant. No escalation, fuck you CCP.

1/17/2011: No faction spawn or escalation. CCP etc.

1/25/2011: No faction spawn, no escalation, just a terrible game about spaceships

2/11/2011: Killed DG and got escalation, dropped ammo and a tag

2/12/2011: No faction spawn, but it did escalate.

2/14/2011: Faction spawn (DG Extinguisher--BS) dropped tags, ammo, Explosion Dampening Amp and Shield Boost Amp. No escalation though.

2/16/2011: Faction spawn (DG Dismantler) dropped ammo, tags and DG webifier, no escalation.

2/17/2011: No escalation, no DG spawn. fuck ccp

2/22/2001: No DG, escalation came from shooting a bunker.

2/22/2013: Tag/amoo/ no escalation.

2/27/2011: DG Dismantler (tags/ammo), killing it triggered the escalation.

3/13/2011: DG Extinguisher, dropped tags, ammo, and a DG Photon Scattering Field. No escalation. Fuck CCP

3/15/2011: No DG BS, escalated.

3/21/2011: No DG BS, escalated.

4/02/2011: No DG BS, No escalation (fuuuuck)

4/14/2011: No DG BS, no escalation (fuckles)

4/14/2011: DG Extinguisher, dropped tags, ammo, and DG 350mm Railgun (welp), no escalation.

4/17/2011: DG Extinguisher that dropped tags & ammo as well as escalated.

4/24/2011: DG BS (tag, ammo, Crystal Delta) but no escalation

4/26/2011: DG Extinguisher (tag and ammo) Escalation off other BS

8/23/2011: DG Extinguisher, DG Warp Scrambler, no escalation :ccp:

8/25/2011: Killed DG BS. He dropped DG SBA. No escalation.

8/28/2011: No DG BS, No escalation.

8/29/2011: DG Dismantler(tag and ammo). No escalation.

9/10/2011: No DG. escalated from a bunker

9/26/2011: No DG, no escalation :ccp:

10/09/2011: DG Extinguisher (tags'n'ammo). No escalation.

10/10/2011: DG Dismantler, DG Kinetic Deflection Amplifier, no escalation

10/18/2011: DG Exinguisher (DG Invul, DG Shield Amp). No escalation.

11/05/2011: DG Eliminator (DG smartbomb, DG expl dampening field, Dg 350 rail). No escalation.

11/14/2011: No DG, no escalation. Ejbloody 00:12, 14 November 2011 (EST)

11/20/2011: No DG, escalation upon shooting bunkers.

11/29/2011: No DG, no escalation, fuck ccp

12/06/2011: DG Dismantler (tags, ammo, DG ECM Multispectral Jammer). Escalation upon death of DG Dismantler. ML

12/13/2011: DG Extinguisher(ammo). No escalation.

12/18/2011: DG Dismantler, no escalation

01/07/2012: :fuckccp:

01/11/2012: No DG, no escalation.

01/28/2012: No DG, no escalation

03/13/2012: No DG, no escalation. Fuck CCP, Fuck Goons!

04/07/2012 DG Eliminator (Tags, Ammo, DG 350mm Railgun, Meta junk); Escalated

04/08/2012 No DG, No Escalation

04/14/12 No DG, Escalated

04/15/2012 DG Eliminator (DG Heat Dissipation Field, Crystal Epsilon), Escalated

04/15/2012 No DG, Escalated

4/18/2012 No DG, escalated

4/25/2012 DG, No Escalation (DG Adaptive Invulnerability Field and DG Explosive Deflection Amplifier)

4/25/2012 DG, No Escalation (DG HDF, DG LSB)

4/30/2012 DG, Escalated. Ammo

05/05/2012 DG, No Escalation (Tag, Ammo, DG X-L Shield Booster)

05/21/2012 No DG, No Escalation.

05/22/2012 DG, Escalated. (Tag, Ammo, DG Kinetic Deflection Amplifier)

05/23/2012 No DG, No Escalation :ccp:

05/28/2012 No DG, No Escalation :ccp:

06/04/2012 DG, No Escalation (DG Kinetic Deflection Field)

06/27/2012 DG, No Escalation (Jack shit from DG)

07/29/2012 DG, No Escalation ( DG Kinetic Deflection Field)

08/06/2012 DG, No Escalation ( DG Kinetic Deflection Amp)

08/30/2012 DG, Escalated. (Crystal Beta, DG Torpido Launcher) - 4Fun2Kill

11/13/2012 No DG, No Escalation

25/11/2012 No DG, No Escalation (Tags and ammo from DG)

06/12/2012 No DG, No Escalation :ccp:

08/12/2012 DG (tag and ammo), no escalation

12/18/2012 No DG, No escalation :ccp:

12/24/2012 No DG, No escalation :ccp:

12/27/2012 No DG, No escalation :fuckgoons:

01/29/2013 No DG, No escalation, fuck everything

03/23/2013 DG, No Escalation, Tags and Ammo, Thanks, Obama!

03/23/2013 No DG, No Escalation, :ccp:

05/06/2013: DG, Ammo, Tags and Thermic Shield Hardener. No escalation

05/26/2013: DG-BS(Eliminator), Tag, Ammo, No Escalation :ccp:

05/27/2013: No DG, No Escalation :fuckccp:

05/28/2013: No DG, No Escalation :ccp:

First escalation: Hired Gun (Part 1)

6/22: Killing the DG BS gave me the escalation message, no need to even use the Acceleration Gate.

6/29/10: No DG BS on warpin, going into the empty second room and approaching the structure gave us the escalation.

11/29/10: No DG BS, No Escalation. wtf ccp

12/27/10: No DG BS, No Escalation. wtf ccp

2/3/11: DG BS, Large Shield Booster, Escalation

2/11/2011: Killed DG got escalation, dropped ammo and a tag

2/12/2011: Killed DG, dropped ammo and a tag. No escalation in either room. Fuck.

2/22/2011: Killed DG, dropped Crystal Alpha implant, no escalation.

2/27/2011: Killed DG Extinguisher (DG Shield Boost Amp) -- it triggered the escalation.

3/11/2011: Killed DG Extinguisher (Crystal Gamma) - no escalation

3/17/2011: Nothing, no DG, no escalation.

4/26/2011: DG spawn (ammo and tags) crusier trigger escalation

3/15/2011: No DG BS, did escalate.

3/20/2011: DG Extinguisher, escalated.

3/29/2011: DG Extinguisher, dropped tags, ammo, and a DG Photon Scattering Field. No escalation. Fuck CCP

4/17/2011: No DG, site escalated after taking gate.

11/20/2011: Escalated after killing DG spawn, which dropped DG shield booster

12/06/2011: DG Exterminator which dropped ammo, tags, Crystal Alpha implant, DG Shield EM Hardener, DG Warp Scrambler. Escalated upon destruction. ML

04/07/2012: DG Exterminator (Tags, Ammo, Meta Junk); Escalated when DG was killed

04/14/12: DG Exterminator (DG Ballistic Control System, Tags, Ammo); Escalated when DG was killed

04/15/12: DG Eliminator (DG Large Smartbomb), Escalated

04/15/12: DG Eliminator (DG X-Large Shield Booster), Escalated

04/18/2012 DG Eliminator (tags and ammo), escalated

4/30/2012: No DG, Escalated

05/22/2012: DG Eliminator, Escalated (tag, ammo, DG Adaptive Invulnerability Field)

08/30/2012 : DG Extinguisher, Escalated (tag and ammo)

Second escalation: Hired Gun (Part 2)

8/19/2010: DG Invul, Crystal Beta

2/11/2011: Escalation come off of a bc. Killed DG and it dropped a DG 350mm railgun, ammo, and a tag

2/27/2011: Killing the DG Destroyer (DG BCS/DG Shield Boost Amp) right off the bat escalated it.

3/20/2011: DG Destroyer (DG Cloak, DG Ballistic Deflection Field,) killing solo Dire Pithum Abolisher escalated site.

4/17/2011: DG Exterminator (DG Cloak) that triggered escalation

4/26/2011: DG Exterminator (Ammo and Tags) that triggered escalation

9/10/2011: No DG, site escalated after taking gate.

11/20/2011: DG spawn, site escalated, tags & ammo

12/06/2011: DG Destroyer dropped tags and DG Shield Thermal Hardener. Escalated upon destruction of DG Destroyer. ML

04/07/2012: DG Exterminator (Tags, Ammo, DG Warp Disruptor); Escalated on killing Dire cruiser

04/14/2012: DG Exterminator (DG Shield Boost Amp, Tags, Ammo); Escalated on killing DG spawn

04/15/12: DG Exterminator (DG Kinetic Deflection Amplifier); Escalated on killing the DG spawn

04/18/2012 DG Eliminator (DG invlun field, tags, ammo), No escalation

04/15/12: DG Eliminator (Tags and Ammo); Escalated on killing the DG Spawn

04/30/2012: DG Eliminator Ammo, Escalated

05/22/2012: DG BS, no escalation. (Tag, Ammo, Crystal Epsilon implant)

08/30/2012 : DG BS Escalated (Tag)

Third escalation: Hired Gun (Part 3)

2/11/2011: DG on initial warp in gave escalation. Dropped DG LRG smartbomb and DG webber

2/27/2011: DG on initial warp in gave escalation.

3/20/2011: DG Destroyer (DG Ballistic Control System) on first warpin gave escalation.

4/17/2011: DG Exterminator gave tags & ammo, site ended here.

4/26/2011: DG Exterminator (Ammo and Tags) escalation on warpin

9/10/2011: DG Exterminator. Crystal beta escalation on warpin

10/3/2011: DG Exterminator dropped DG Warp Scrambler and gave escalation.

11/20/2011: DG spawn dropped DG Heat Dissipation Field and triggered escalation

12/06/2011: DG Exterminator dropped tags and ammo. Escalated to final step. ML

04/07/2012: DG Conquistador (Tags, Meta junk :ccp:), Escalated on killing the DG spawn

04/14/2012: DG Exterminator (Tags and Ammo). Escalated on killing the DG spawn

04/15/12: DG Exterminator (Tags and Ammo). Escalated on Killing the DG spawn

04/15/12: DG Conquistador (Tags). Escalated on Killing DG spawn

04/30/2012: DG Esterminator (Ammo). Escalated on DG kill.

08/30/2012: DG Conquistador Escalated (Tag Ammo DG Cloacking Device)

Final escalation: Hired Gun (Part 4)

5/11/2010: Protagonist dropped a couple of A-type hardeners. Also salvaged into metal scraps and 12 power circuits.

6/24/2010: Protagonist didn't drop a goddamn thing, but I did get a crystal epsilon implant from the first dread gurista which was nice.

7/1/2010: Protagonist didn't drop shit, DG spawns didn't drop shit, fuck CCP.

7/31/2010: Protagonist dropped A-type kinetic hardener and A-type X-large Shield booster

8/03/2010: Protagonist dropped A-Type X-Large Shield booster

8/19/2010: A-Type Shield Boost Amp

9/13/2010: Crystal Delta, Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field, Dread Guristas Shield Boost amplifier, Pith A-Type Kinetic Deflection Amplifier

10/10/2010: Didnt get any thing but T2 salvage from this. Protagonist just dropet T2 salvage, 14 Micro Circuit.

2/3/2011: Protagonist dropped zero loot, no dg loot either

2/3/2011: Protagonist dropped nothing. :[

2/11/2011: Protagonist dropped nothing

2/19/2011: Protagonist dropped nothing. :[

2/27/2011: 2nd room only had 2 jammers, Protagonist dropped Pith A-Type Photon Scattering Field.

3/12/2011: Final room Protagonist dropped nothing.  :(

3/20/2011: Pith A-Type XLSB

4/26/2011: Pith A-Type Ballistic Deflection Field

19/07/2011: Protagonist dropped nothing.

08/08/2011: First time it escalated all the was for me, and.... nothing :(

9/10/2011: Protagonist dropped nothing.

10/3/2011: Protagonist dropped FUCKING nothing. Not even ammo.

11/20/2011: Pith A-Type LSB

12/06/2011: Protagonist dropped nothing

1/15/2012: Protagonist dropped nothing

1/17/2012: Protagonist dropped nothing

1/25/2012: Protagonist dropped Pith A-Type Large Shield Booster, Pith A-Type X-Large Shield Booster, Pith A-Type Heat Dissipation Field.

2/22/2012: Protagonist dropped ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

3/22/2012: Pith A-Type X-Large Shield Booster, Pith A-Type Kinetic Deflection Field

4/05/2012: Pith A-Type EM Ward, A-Type Kinetic Deflection Field, A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier. And a DG Invuln from an earlier part :smug:

04/07/2012: Protagonist dropped nothing :fuckccp:

04/14/2012 Protagonist dropped nothing

04/15/2012 Protagonist Dropped Pith A-Type Shield Boost Amp and Pith A-type Explosive Deflection Field

04/15/2012 Protagonist dropped nothing

05/30/2012 Protagonist dropped nothing

08/30/2012 Protagonist Dropped Pith A-Type Large Shield Booster - 4Fun2Kill

11/14/2012 Protagonist Dropped Pith A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier, Pith A-Type Large Shield Booster, Pith A-Type EM Ward Field (and plus Dread Guristas Ballistic Control System and Crystal Beta later)

1/1/2013: Protagonist dropped absolutely nothing. Empty wreck. Fuck CCP, fuck exploration.

3/10/2013: Protagonist dropped absolutely nothing :fuckccp:

05/08/2013 Protagonist dropped nothing, fuck ccp

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