Gurista Base

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Gurista Base
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Pith C-Type
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Lower end Gurista escalation site. Notorious for not escalating and not dropping anything even if it does escalate all the way. Unless you're desperate, upon scanning one of these things down, you should turn 360 degrees and warp away. If you really want to ignore the above warning, this site can be solo'd in a drake; just be sure to fit an MWD or an AB and some ECCM.


Soloable in almost anything BC and up, just fit ECCM and an afterburner because CCP will troll you by spawning shit over 100k's away.

First room

A BS, a pair of Assault Frigs, and a group of cruisers in immediate range, plus three BC, 170km off. Nothing difficult, just tedious.

Second room

4 HACs 4 cruisers upon warpin, another 4BS 4 HACS will spawn 150km off after a moment. DPS is small but you WILL be permajammed so be prepared for this. After approaching the Dread Guristas Experimental Weapon tower, a amall group of cruisers will spawn when you're 30 KM away. After aggressing the tower 4BS spawn 160km off and two cruise batteries spawn at the tower location. Killing these batteries will trigger a final spawn of 3-4 cruisers. There is a possibility for a low-tier dread gurista battleship spawning with the BS group. Killing the tower or the DG spawn is the trigger for the escalation.

Protip: Save yourself half an hour of frustration and ignore everything in this room except the tower, trying to kill everything here is a waste of time

First escalation: Consequences Shmonsequences (part 1)

You warp to the middle of a deadspace cloud with a set of around 12 "weapon silos" about 60km from you. Three warnings will appear in local, after which three groups of guristas (totaling about7 BS, 3 cruisers 9 frigs (including 3 elite frigs)) will spawn in 1 minute intervals to the left, right and above you, around 40-50 km from you. Despite dramatic local messages the site is pretty easy to tank in a well-fit rigged BS and dead easy in a t3. There is a possible Dread Guristas spawn upon warp-in as well which is a possible trigger for an escalation, if it's not there then killing the last rat can be a trigger.

10/18/10 - Stopped at this escalation. DG spawn gave tags and ammo.

Final escalation: Consequences Shmonsequences (part 2)

Site drops you in the middle of around 7 mid-tier gurista BS supported by several jamming HAC's. There is a Gurista research laboratory around 30km from the place you warp in. Dropping it to half armor made 6 cruise batteries spawn, killing it made 6 BS, some cruisers/bc and a named overseer spawn. The DPS of the group is smaller than the initial spawn. The overseer can drop Pith C-Type gear.


There also exists an alternate version of this site which drops you onto a yellow cloud with a guristas research facility and a single group of gurista rats with about 6 low/mid tier BS + dread gurista BS, 4x HAC, 4x BC, 8x interceptor. The facility spawns 6 cruise batteries when shot and gives a dead end message when killed. Same overseer as above.


10/13/2010 - Got the escalation, picked up DG mag scattering at first esc, second esc gave bupkis. FUCK YOU CCP!!!!

10/21/2010 - This is the fourth time running this plex and the first time it escalated fully. 1st part - 1 DG spawn dropped DG ammo and DG Stasis Web. 2nd part - 1 DG spawn dropped DG ammo and a DG Explosion Dampening Amplifier. 3rd part - 1 DG spawn dropped DG ammo, didn't get overseer spawn for some fucking reason.

11/7/2010 - Full escalation. DG spawn in final room, no overseer. DG dropped tags & ammo. CCP, U SUK.

12/24/2010 - Full escalation. 2 x DG spawns, tags and ammo, no overseer.

12/26/2010 - Full escalation. 2 x DG spawns, DG co proc, overseer dropped tagFUCK

1/17/2011 - Full escalation. 1 x DG spawn, tags and ammo. Overseer spawned, didn't show up on my standard plex overview until I turned one on to "show everything", possibly because it's named. Pith C-Type Large Shield Booster, Pith C-Type Ballistic Deflection Field.

3/12/2011 - Full escalation. No DG spawns. Overseer spawned in final room, dropped tag only. Fuck CCP.

3/12/2011 - Singel escalation. Approched weapon silo's and nothing. No DG, No nothing, thanks CCP

3/16/2011 - Nothing, nothing, nothing! Go fuck yourself CCP

3/24/2011 - Last 2 comments are mine! No Nothing, 3 times in a month, don't run this site its a waste of time!

4/8/2011 - Ran it twice, no escalation, no DG, fuck CCP etc.

4/25/2011 - No DG, No escalation

28/04/2011 - No DG, no escalation

5/14/2011 - 3 DG spawns, full escalation. DG SBA, DG Warp Disruptor, Tag/ammo, No overseer.

7/8/2011 - Full escalation, only two DG spawns. DG Cruise, DG Co-processor, Crystal Delta and named modules.

7/13/2011 - No Escalation, DG spawns, t1 loot, fuck CCP (Ex Error)

7/14/2011 - No Escalation, DG spawns, DG Photon, DG Amplifier (Ex Error)

7/19/2011 - 1st Escalation only, DG spawn, DG Kinetic, fuck CCP (Phaeton One)

8/30/2011 - Fully escalated, not even ONE DG spawn, and final site had no DG spawn at all neither. Fuck CCP and fuck this game

2011-10-01 - No escalation, no DG. :ccp:

2011-10-10 - No escalation, no DG. :rage:

2011-10-15 - Full escalation, no DG.  :rage: Fuck CCP and the cancerous asshole they are.

10/21/2001 - No escalation, no DG. Don't run this shit.

02.11.2011 - Totaly nothing!!! Fuck CCP!

11/30/2011 - DG Heat Dissipation Field, DG Cruise missile launcher, no escalation.

12/3/2011 - No DG spawn, no escalation, nothing. :ccp:

12/4/2011 - No DG, no escalation, fuck: goons, ccp, ur mom

12/4/2011 - No DG, no esclation, no overseer, nothing. :ccp:

12/5/2011 - No DG, no esclation, nothing. Fuck CCP.

12/7/2011 - full escalation, no DG, no overseer, FUCK CCP.

12/19/2011 - No DG, no esclation

01/05/2012 - First escalation, no DGs.

01/08/2012 - First escalation, DG heat dissipation amplifier.

01/11/2012 - First escalation, no DGs.

1/13/2012 - No escalation, DG spawn in initial site. Crystal beta, DG large smartbomb, DG invuln, DG siege missile launcher. :wtc:

1/14/2012 - No DG, no esclation, nothing. Fuck CCP.

1/15/2012 - DG Dismantler (dropped ammo and tags) no escalation.

1/15/2012 - No initial DG spawn, terminated at first escalation, still no DG.

1/17/2012 - No DG, no escalation.

1/17/2012 - No DG, no escalation. Fuck CCP.

1/19/2012 - DG Dismantle (dropped ammo and tags), no escalation. Fuck CCP.

1/23/2012 - No DG, no esclation. Fuck CCP.

1/25/2012 - No DG, no escalation. :smith:

2/18/2012 - No DG, no escalation.

2/28/2012 - No DG, no escalation.

3/18/2012 - No DG in initial site, First Escalation had no DG, Last Escalation spawned overseer Oushii Torun (9.3m bounty) who dropped Pitch C-Type Kinetic Deflection Field and salvaged for nothing.

04/08/2012 - No DG, no escalation. Fuck CCP.

04/10/2012- Ran this twice today; Escalated once to first escalation, DG in escalation dropped tags and ammo. Fuck CCP, Fuck this anomaly.

04/11/2012- No Escalation, DG Dismantler (DG Torpedo Launcher, Some high value meta mods, Tags, Ammo)

04/13/12 - Ran twice, No escalation on either, one had a DG spawn which dropped a DG Ballistic Control System, Tags, and Ammo

04/17/12 - Full escalation, 3 DG spawns, one of which dropped DG torp launcher + DG cruise launcher. Overseer did not spawn.

04/23/12 - No DG, no escalation.

5/08/12 - No DG, no escalation.

12/05/12 - Read the wiki, ignored the warnings. No DG, no escalation.

05/13/12 - read wiki, ignored warning, ran site. escalated twice, no DG anywhere, fought the Overseer and he dropped four kinds of t1 missiles, a tag, and an Infiltrator 1 (?). Fantastic.

17/05/12 - Ignored warnings, ran site. No escalation, no DG. :ccp:

20/05/12 - Full escalation. No DG. Pith C-Type EM Ward Field.

24/05/12 - No DG, no escalation.

2/06/12 - DG at inital and first escalation (instant trigger for 2nd escalation), crap loot. Overseer - Pith C-Type LSB + crap loot. for once no Fuck CCP

06/12/12 - Initial DG (ammo, tag, DG Ballistic Control System, DG Cruise Missile Launcher). No escalation.

12/16/12 - No DG, no escalation, just magical perma-jamming cruisers and expletives.

2/9/13 - No DG, no escalation.

2/10/13 - First escalation, Crystal Alpha, DG Co-Proc

2/15/13 - First escalation, DG Multi-Jammer, ammo, tag.

4/10/13 - No DG no escalation

6/15/13 - no DG at initial, DG on first escalation instantly 2km from warpin, 'no further escalation'-popup after killing DG, Crystal Epsilon

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