Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost

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Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost
Type Archaeology
W-space system type Dangerous
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type  ???
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This deadspace pocket describes an ancient conundrum, an enigma from the ages: Whose ruins are these? A cursory glance reveals the outpost to be clearly Talocan, a race long gone in time’s vacuum. However, permeating the abandoned structures are Sleeper drones, and their influence ferments the surrounding environment. In this unknown space, more questions pervade: Why are these drones here? What are they hiding?

There are secrets in this Talocan outpost, and by the looks of it, nobody will be missing these forgotten relics. But acquiring these lost trinkets of technology will not answer that one, nagging, fundamental questions: Why are these two ancient races, so utterly disparate, sharing this space, and to whom does this outpost belong?

Spawn 1

   * 3x Awakened Preserver (Trigger) (Kill 2 of these first to eliminate incredible sleeper repping!!!)
   * 6x Emergent Defender

Spawn 2

   * 3x Awakened Defender (Trigger)
   * 2x Awakened Preserver
   * 2x Awakened Upholder

Spawn 3

   * 4x Emergent Upholder (Trigger)
   * 1x Sleepless Defender

Spawn 4

   * 2x Sleepless Preserver (Tough cookies!)
   * 4x Emergent Defender
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