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Updated for Crucible;

Drone Equivalent of a Haven, easily doable in a well fit Drake. Drops about 2500 m3 in compounds. Assuming you have reasonably good refining skills, this site is equivalent in Isk earned to standard Havens (Using mineral prices as of Feb. 2012).

There is one Battleship size drone on warpin (Elite Drone Parasite). 3 groups consisting of 2-3 BS and 3 Frigates each spawn 30 km off of you once you start shooting the Elite Parasite. Killing any one of these groups in its entirety will cause it to respawn. Each group will respawn 3 times, with 2-3 BS and 3 frigs in each wave except for the last wave, which consists of 4 BS and 2-3 cruiser size rats. Some of the frigates will web and scramble you. Smart players will leave one rat from each group left in order to prevent being overwhelmed.

Pre- Crucible Entry

This is a small drone plex. You arrive at Infested Station Ruins, and the drones come in the following waves:

1st Wave 2 Heavy Missile batteries 3 cruisers (Strain Disintegrator Alvum) 3 BS (Spearhead Alvis)

2nd wave 2 cruisers (Crippler Alvatis) 3 frigates (Dismantler Alvior)

3rd wave 3 BS (Spearhead Alvis) 4 cruisers (Crippler Alvatis)

4th wave 3 BS (Spearhead Alvis) 4 cruisers (Nuker Alvis)

5th wave 3 BS (Spearhead Alvis) 3 cruisers (Enforcer Alvatis)

Ran it in a standard ratting Drake, kiting and warping off at times. Drops standard drone loot (salvage and compounds), thus making it as worthwhile as mining. And about as exciting.

A second version has you arrive at a Ghost Colony. The waves are:

1st wave 4 BS (Alvus Creator) 3 Frigate (Strain Devilfish Alvi)

2nd wave 3 BS (Patriach Alvus) 3 Frigate (Predator Alvior)

3rd wave 4 BS (Patriach Alvus) 4 BC (Enforcer Alvatis) 4 Frigate (Marauder Alvior)

4th wave 4 BS (Alvus Creator) 3 BC (Strain Devistator Alvum)

5th wave 5 BS (Alvus Creator) 4 BC Strain Disintegrator Alvum) 2 Frigate (Strain Silverfish Alvi)

This was also easy in a Drake

The third version has you arrive at an abandoned transmitter, and the drones there warp & web. Didn't fare so well that time. :smith:

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