Domination Fleet Staging Point

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Domination Fleet Staging Point
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Yes (except final site)
Gated Yes (except final site)
Probe signature 0.025 approx
Loot type Gist A-Type
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Higher end Angel escalation site. Seems to always escalate to the final stage for some reason; this explorer has never seen it not escalate. Unlike most Angel sites, this one likes to spawn neut towers on your ass, so fitting a cap injector on your tank might be a good idea.


Upon warping to the site you get a popup message, like with the DED complexes.

First gate leads into a deadspace area with two waves of rats, each containing about 6 BS (Cherubim and Seraphim) and a couple of cruisers.

Another acceleration gate leads into a second deadspace area with three more waves of similar composition, plus cruise missile batteries and energy neutralizing batteries. Upon blowing up the last ship of the last rat spawn, the site escalates.

First escalation

The second site is deadspace but has no entry gate; roughly 8 BS rats spawn on warp-in. Blowing them up and/or approaching the gate (around 40km from you) spawns more rats plus cruise missile and neut batteries. One of the BS rats is named "Angel Scout Commander", with a 3.5m bounty; he drops 9th Tier Overseer Effects.

The gate leads into a final deadspace pocket with a stasis tower and several cruise missile batteries, plus about 8 BS. There are a total of two spawns here, the initial and the second which comes after destroying the last battleship of the first spawn. Destroying the last battleship of the of the final spawn escalates you to the final site.

Final escalation

The final site is also deadspace but has no gate. It consists of an Angel Fleet Outpost guarded by several waves of Cherubim, Seraphim, and Arch Angel cruisers, plus neut towers. These waves spawn when the base falls below certain hitpoint levels. The base fires Doom citadel torpedoes which do about 5000 raw explosive damage per hit, and it webs out to 50+km. The base has an extremely strong shield tank which requires about 4 battleships worth of DPS to break. Blow it up to get a chance at collecting some juicy deadspace loot.

Spawn 1 - 8ish Cruise Batteries

Spawn 2 - 6 Seraphim and Cherubim, 3 Energy Neut Battery IIIs, Couple frigates and cruisers

Loot examples

When I ran the site, the base dropped the following loot: 23rd Tier Overseer Effects, a Gist A-Type X-Large Shield Booster, and a Gist A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier.

Another run loot: 23rd Tier Overseer Effects, a Gist A-Type Photon Scattering Field and a Gist A-Type Shield Boost Amplifier.

Another run loot: 23rd Tier Overseer Effects and a Gist A-Type X-Large Shield Booster.

Another run loot: 23rd Tier Overseer Effects. Thats it.  :colbert:

Run 28 Aug 08 : 23rd Tier Overseer Effects and a Gist A-Type X-Large Shield Booster

Run 06 September 08: 23rd Tier Overseer Effects. Fuck goons.

Run 24 September 08: 23rd Tier Overseer Effects, Gist A-Type 100mn Afterburner, Gist A-Type Ballistic Deflection field

Run 26 September 08: 23rd Tier Overseer's Effects and no fukken Gist loot

Run 22 October 2008: 23rd Tier Overseer's Effects

Run 29 October 2008: 23rd Tier Overseer's Effects

Run 26 November 2008: 23rd Tier Overseer's Effects, Gist A-Type 100mn Microwarpdrive

Run 11 January 2009: 23rd Tier Overseer's Effects

Run 6 April 2010: 22nd Overseer's Effects, Gist A-type 100mn Afterburner


The first two sites may barely be solo-able in a very high-end BS. They are easy with a single logistics ship supporting a tank/DPS ship. The third site can be tanked by a single logistics-supported battleship, but you will need about 4 battleships worth of DPS to kill the command base. (We did it with a carrier, 2 Domis, and a Hurricane). Do note that the base has default shield resists so do EM or therm damage to it (we tried to kill it with explosive and it took ages before we realized it had lots of explosive resists).

The base rat spawns seem to be when the base hits 3/4 shield, 0 shield and a final spawn once you get the base to half armor. We ran this with 3 BS and a Carrier as the tank. When the rats spawned the BS warped out to allow the Carrier to take the agro. Annoyingly the base reps both shield and armor when it's not getting hit which meant it was almost fully repped by the time we'd taken out the rats. Once the shield has gone though the armor and structure disappear faster than a chocolate cake in Lady Scarlets' presence.

Trip Report 06 September 08: I ran the first three sites with a tank Raven and priest Domi, and the final site with a Thanatos tanking and a Raven as DPS support. With fighters and torps on the base in the final escalation it would've amounted to about 2000 dps. It took quite a while to break the tank, so the 2000 dps mark seems to be the minimum needed to kill the base.

Trip Report 15 December 08: Ours escalated into a cynojammed system, thus we couldn't bring a carrier in. After some theorycrafting, we had a special snowflake 3 BS team consisting of a torp-raven as tank, a priestgeddon, and a blasterthron. The raven and thron being capable of doing over 1000 dps each. The new waves kept going for the geddon, ended up getting it out in 25% hull eventually. The first neutralizer wave ended with the tank flying out in 33% hull before our priest could arrive. Eventually managed to beat that wave too, and the one after that. Base tank melted under us more or less during this. At the end of the run, it dropped a 23rd Overseers Effects....and nothing else.

Trip Report 29 December 08: Tried this out with a phoenix and a typhoon. It was taking forever to get rid of the first wave of bs's as the phoenix was mostly useless and the typhoon was mostly a priest. So I went into siege and started on the battlestation. Except, the battlestation popped after the first volley of torps hit and spawned all the waves all at once. There were like 15 battleships, 20 smaller ships, and 10 assorted batteries all trying to rape me. It was scary at first but I scooped the loot and warped the dread out. Got out with like 65% shields so it was all good.

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