Digital Tessellation

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Digital Tesselation
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Radar
Loot type Booster
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This is a unusual radar site, in that the actual loot is boosters (drop) instead of invention. It's a Serpentis site, so the damage is all kinetic and thermal.


This is the toughest room of the complex. If you can clear this, the rest of the site is a piece of cake. A well-tanked BS can do it easily once you know what to expect.

You arrive in a room with 12 Frigates, 12 Cruisers, 2 BS, and 3 sentry guns (blasters). There are two acceleration gates, one leading to the Pleasure Dome, the other leading to the Duel Grounds.

Frigates will scramble you, and the bouncers will sensor damp, so make sure to get the small ships cleaned up with drones while you kill the cruisers with your ship. All ships in the room will aggress if fire on the sentry guns or BS, so start with the group of smaller ships in front. The sentry guns hit hard and have a lot of lot of points, so kill all the ships first and be prepared to warp out if your tank weakens.

It is worth noting that the Pleasure dome gate is not locked by the rats so you only need to kill the scrambling rats while you motor through to it.

Pleasure Dome

This section of the site is optional. There are two cruisers and two BS guarding the gate that leads to the Duel Grounds. There are also six Com Tower cans to crack. Contents will include booster-related skillbooks and some of CCP's shitty "joke" items.

Most of the money is in this section: Nanite Control skillbooks are worth ~300m each.

This gate is not locked either so you don't have to shoot anything in this room, which is a good thing because you'll be damped to nearly zero

Duel Grounds

This room has four frigates, five cruisers, and one BS called Master Duelist with 6 Victim's Stash cans to open that contain can Standard Drop related items (BPCs, materials, reactions) as well as more of CCP's jokey crap.

This gate is locked by the rats so you will need to do some shooting here

VIP Room

You land in a bunch of frigates. No surprises. Rape them and then spit on them.

5 Restricted Punch Bowls. These contain BPCs and reactions for improved and strong boosters.

Successfully hacking any of the cans in this room is what despawns the plex

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