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Digital Network
Type COSMOS hacking/booster
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Radar
Loot type Gist A-Type, booster production-related
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This site is very similar to Pirate Hideout but more battleships were encountered (2 or 3 more per room) and a Gist A-type Deadspace module dropped. Like the Pirate Hideout it usually only spawns in COSMOS constellations but can rarely be found elsewhere as well. All other information applies.


Open. 10 BS, 20 Cruisers, 5 Frigates.

Room 2 - "Court Yard"

Requires Hacking 1. 8 BS, 12 Cruisers, 5 frigates.

Room 3 - "Saloon"

Requires Hacking 1. 8 BS 10 Cruisers 5 frigates ("Courtisan" drops key).

Room 4 - "Inner Court"

Requires key from second room, gate has a 30 second timer once activated with key, then it closes again. 10 BS, 12 Cruisers, 25 Frigates (scrambling).

Other notes

Most Efficient Order: Meeting Point -> Saloon -> (gate to inner court) Court Yard -> Inner Court.


Loot quality: deadspace module, Booster BPOs, assorted odd junk / salvage.

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