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Digital Matrix
Type COSMOS hacking/booster
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Radar
Loot type Gist A-Type, booster production-related
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This site is very similar to Pirate Hideout and Digital Network. Like the others it's really a COSMOS site that usually spawns in one of the Angel COSMOS constellations, but it can rarely appear elsewhere as well.

The site is gated deadspace, and you get a popup about it being a pirate hideout when you warp to it.


Has about 15 HAC's and BC's plus four siege autocannon sentries. From here you have two paths to choose from, Tutoring Room (left) and Demonstration Room (right). Go left since that path dumps you in the Demonstration Room anyway. Note: Both gates require Hacking I to activate.

Second room (Tutoring)

The tutoring room has 3 BS, a named overseer (Angel Inspector), about 10 cruisers/BC's and a few scrambling and webbing frigates. The overseer can drop Gist A-Type loot; he also drops a "master key" that will be useful later, make sure your tank picks it up. In addition to this there's 6 hacking containers, which mostly drop comedy loot but also combat booster-related skillbooks that can be pretty expensive. Next gate (to the demonstration room) also requires Hacking I.

Third room (Demonstration Room)

The room has 3 BS (Seraphims, one named but he doesn't drop anything special), about 10 cruisers/BC's, and a few scrambling/webbing frigs, much like last room. Additionally there are another 6 hacking cans, these drop combat booster BPC's (standard x-instinct), booster reactions (also standard x-instinct) and some comedy loot.

Final room (R&D Circle)

The final gate (to the R&D Circle) is keyed; the ship that activates it has to have the Master Key looted earlier in the cargohold. When the gate is activated it's open for 30 seconds before it's locked again. The room has four Seraphims and three battlecruisers, no boss. There are also 5 hacking cans called "backup array", loot from those is improved booster BPC's and reactions.

Update: Ran 10/30: Upon warp in found 6 Angel Security Guards (3 of which are BS's and 3 are BC's) After attacking the rats 7 more Angel Ambushers spawned.

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