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Digital Tesselation
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Radar
Loot type Crash Booster materials and booster-related skillbooks
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This is a unusual radar site, in that the actual loot is booster related (crash) instead of invention. It's a Guristas site, so the damage is all kinetic and thermal. You'll need a Codebreaker to open the various cans.

Special note: While the best loot is in only one of the four rooms, you should run all four so that the site can properly despawn and respawn.

Flavor text: "The local pirates have taken an interest in the recently discovered gas clouds and the possibilities they offer for the booster industry. They've set themselves up here, engaging in various activities. Resistance is bound to be heavy, but the rewards promise to be great. Especially for those skilled in hacking mainframes, for the pirates are storing all kinds of information and data here, particularly regarding the booster industry."


This is the toughest room of the complex. If you can clear this, the rest of the site is a piece of cake. A well-tanked BS, a Tengu, or any standard Guristas plex runner can do it easily once you know what to expect. You'll arrive in a room with 12 Frigates/Assault Frigates, 10 Destroyers, 12 Cruisers, and 3 BS. There are two acceleration gates, one leading to the Lounge, the other leading to the Distribution Center. Frigates will web and scramble you, and the several cruisers jam, so make sure to get the small ships cleaned up first in case things get too hot.

Neither of the gates in this room are locked by rats, you can just motor straight to the lounge gate and warp through, you may have to kill 1 or 2 tackling rats but thats about it.


This section of the site is optional, but most of the money is in this section because Nanite Control skillbooks are worth ~300m each.. There are roughly 4 assault frigates, 20 cruisers/Battlecruisers/HACs and 4 BS in four separate groups guarding the gate that leads to the Distribution Center. Each cruiser groups can be destroyed without aggressing the rest of the ships, and a small spawn of cruisers and AFs will appear near the warp in point after a while. Some of the ships will web or tackle you. There are six Com Tower cans to crack. Contents will include booster-related skillbooks and some of CCP's shitty "joke" items.

Distribution Center

This room has three groups, the first of which will attack you shortly after arriving and the last sitting next to the gate to the Packaging Center. There's a total of 20 frigates, 15 cruisers, and 5 BS. Again, some assault frigs can web and scram, and a few of them along with a few cruisers will jam. There's six cans called Shipping Crate with will contain booster materials and BPCs, along with more "joke" items.

Packaging Center

This is the same as the previous room, with 12 frigates, 30 cruisers/BC/HACs, and 4 BS mixed among 5 cans entitled Sample Cases. These contain BPCs and reactions for improved and strong boosters, as well as the usual jokey bullshit CCP thinks is funny.

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