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Digital Complex
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Radar
Loot type
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This is the same site as Pirate Hideout (Dirty-Hippy)

"The local pirates have taken an interest in the recently discovered gas clouds and the possibilities they offer for the booster industry. They've set themselves up here, engaging in various activities. Resistance is bound to be heavy, but the rewards promise to be great. Especially for those skilled in hacking mainframes, for the pirates are storing all kinds of information and data here, particularly regarding the booster industry."

The initial gate takes you to a room with dust clouds, a structure consisting of four silos+cargo rig+distribution station, and two more gates: Stone Chapel Learning Zone and Factory Zone, which require Hacking to activate. Every character to do this plex must have the Hacking skill, but does not need to fit a codebreaker on their ship or anything else - the gates will work as long as you have the skill trained.


All spawns are 40km from warpin. Despite the large numbers this room can be soloed in an Amarr BS if you MWD kite a little.

16x frigs

12x cruisers - some of these are also serpentis cruisers (thorax model)

7x battlecruisers

3x BS - these are SERPENTIS battleships (megathron model, do therm/kinetic).

Two gates out of this room, called Gate to Factory Zone and Gate To Stone Chapel Learning Zone

Learning Zone

This appears optional. Everything is 20-25km from warpin and can be solo MWD kited. Loot from this room is booster skillbooks, which range in value from 15 mill to 250-300. Nanite Control is the big-money skillbook.

3-4x BS

3-6 frigs

10-12 cruisers/battlecruisers (some of these are neuting)

6x Training Cubes (I got nothing but "hilarious" training junk from these)

A gate to the factory zone.

10/31 trip report: the cubes had a bunch of training loot...and *2* nanite control skillbooks. Don't skip this room.

Factory Zone

This room drops Standard Mindflood BPC's and reactions.

8x bs (all blood raider) One is a "Soul Reaper", I have never gotten anything useful from him but I am told he may drop A-type items, however this may have been nerfed a while ago.

Blowing up the station drops a can of frigate gear.

2x cruisers (neuting)

5x frigs spawn for each container you approach, to a maximum of 20 (I think).

Gate to Research 2

6x Spawn containers- frigs tend to spawn when you hack these, almost all had standard mindflood BPC's.

10/31 trip report: 7 BS (4 popes, 2 patriarchs, 1 "Soul Reaper" pope), 3 BCs (tracking disrupt). About 20 frigs do spawn over 6 waves (2 when approaching, 3 when hacking) but unless you're hacking or right on top of them, they don't aggro and can be ignored. Containers spawn mindflood BPCs and gimmick loot. Soul Reaper dropped nada.

Research Zone

5x science labs

3x cruiser 6x frig 3x battleships

Then a ton of ships spawn on your ass pretty much at zero. Try to solo this with a battleship, you will die. Some of the cruisers neut. Either do this room with help or use a kiting cruiser or the like - you will need to be able to tank/be fast enough to escape the warpin.

Once the ambush is dropped on your ass there are:

7x frigs 6x cruisers (best to assume they all neut) 10x Battleships

The ambush group and the room guard group aggro seperately, which is a pain in the ass since the room group like to shoot drones.

10/31 trip report:

2 BS, 2 BC, 5 frigs at warpin. About 2 minutes in, 10 BS, 3 BC and 3 frigs do get hotdropped on you at 0. All of these are random shiptypes [BS are mostly Popes] and include tracking disruptors, neuters, etc. If dual boxing, send in an alt in a disposable frigate with a cloak and MWD, cloak at warpin and wait for the hotdrop, then burn out and orbit at 100km+ collecting room aggro (make sure to shoot the room guards to get them aggro on you, too) while a dedicated hacking ship gets all the containers. You do *not* need to kill everything to open the containers, so it takes < 10 minutes total to do this room.

Loot was improved mindflood BPCs and reactions. Don't bother shooting the cathedral, it just drops a bunch of NPC trade goods. Strong BPCs and reactions can also drop here, but rarely.

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