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This page is a work in progress that I plan to fill in with details.


Why Bother?

Primarily, standings. COSMOS is a highly effective way of gaining standings for trading; if you want to maximize standings for Jita 4-4 trading, the ideal path is to complete Amarr COSMOS as well as Amarr Faction Data Centers prior to doing anything with Caldari themselves. This is because the Amarr COSMOS and Data Centers award derived standings - standings with friendly factions, in other words - but these standings cap out above a certain level. If you're grinding COSMOS for standings, it helps to put in a little prep work ahead of time to make things as fast as possible.

The missions are also somewhat interesting, and give you neat and valuable awards.


You'll want a good combat ship, as the later missions can be nasty - one of them deals upwards of 2000 kin/therm DPS. You'll also need a cruiser, as a handful of missions are size restricted. The obvious best choice here is a well fit Tengu. Failing that, any competent mission battleship should be able to handle the majority of this, although the last mission is questionable.

As far as damage types go, the vast majority of your kill missions are against blood raiders or sansha, so bring EM damage (thermal drones though, as EM drones are crap). However, there is a mission or two against Serpentis. Additionally, the if you opt to do the lowsec missions you will be up against Gallente & Minmatar, so you'll want Kinetic as well (contrary to what you would expect, Kinetic is very good against Minmatar)

In addition to your combat ships, you'll need a hauler, as there are several courier missions. While many of them are small (100m3 or less) there are larger ones.

For one of the later missions in the chain, you need Archaology I and an Analyzer module.


Many cosmos missions require you to do a mission or run a little complex or farm belt rats for an item. As pubbies do not value their time, many of them farm (or bot farm) these items and sell them in pre-built kits. To find them on contracts, search for a necessary item such as "Foreman's Head." However, if full kits are not available, you'll have to either buy the items individually or, heaven forbid, collect them yourself. While collecting them yourself isn't always terrible, it's going to be if its something anyone can get into and farm.

The Agent Order

This mission order is derived from a german babelfish page and will give the optimum & fastest route to completing cosmos and getting all the rewards. Note that the order assumes that you begin with zero amarr standings, and so occasionally deviates from an "optimal" route to guarantee that you have the required standings. Optimum routes assuming high starting standings are beyond the scope of this article.

A Brief Word of warning

COSMOS missions are one-shot things. If you screw up the mission and lose a unique drop (aka one you can't buy), cancel the mission, reject the mission, fail the mission, etc, you cannot continue that agent. You have been warned.

Chari Shakai

  • System: Aphi
  • Beacon: Civic Court Plaza
  • Agent Type: Courier (500m3 max)
1. No Sincerer Love (1 of 5 through 5 of 5)
  • Each of these missions has you moving items for him from one place to another. There is no lowsec involved.

Stem Robikar

  • System: Aphi
  • Beacon: Civic Court Plaza
  • Agent Type: Kill, Collect, Courier. The kill part is a few cruisers. The collection requires hunting belt rats or having purchased the item beforehand (this will take you less time). The couriers are small, 2m3 tops.
1. Pawns on the Board (1 of 5)
  • Kill mission, an easy one. Break through, destroy the structure. A few frigates and cruisers stand in your way.
2. Pawns on the Board (2 of 5)
  • Collection mission. You can either farm the dumb belt spawns for the item you need - a single "Dynasty Ring" - or you can have bought it in advance. As always, buying in advance is recommended.
3. Pawns on the Board (3 of 5)-Pawns on the Board (5 of 5)
  • Three simple courier missions. For the last one, you will receive Robikar's Recommendation, which you should hang onto.

Torval Kert

  • System: Nidupad
  • Beacon: Carchatur Outpost
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (3 m3 max)

Prior to starting this agent, you must hand him the Robikar's Recommendation from the previous agent.

1. Arachnan's Maneuver (1 of 5)
  • A simple courier mission.
2. Arachnan's Maneuver (2 of 5)
  • Kill mission in Aphi against Blood Raiders. Opposition is a handful of cruisers.
3. Arachnan's Maneuver (3 of 5)
  • Another Aphi kill mission, this time against Rogue Drones. Similarly easy.
4. Arachnan's Maneuver (4 of 5) and Arachnan's Maneuver (5 of 5)
  • Two simple courier missions. The last mission in the chain offers your first decent reward, a +3 implant.

[17-08-12] Note: You won't have the standing to do this after the previous agent without grinding corp standings.

Hetras Dakumon

  • System: Munory
  • Beacon: The Bonfire
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (2m3 max)
1. Clean Hands - Blood Trail (1 of 5)
  • The purpose of this kill mission is to get "Blood Fund". If you purchase the item, take it with you and turn it in right there.
  • If you'd rather do it yourself, know that the key is to keep your eyes open for Blood Kernel structures. Blow them up, check the cans, claim your prize, and get out - you do not need to do anything else at these beacons. Note that the gates are restricted to cruiser size vessels and below.
    • Watch for cruisers with neuts. Otherwise, most decent fits should be safe against the Blood rats.

2. Clean Hands - Rampart Cyst (2 of 5)
  • Another straightforward kill mission, this one with no ship restrictions. Remember to loot the item the mission requires.
3. Clean Hands - Iron Lady (3 of 5)
  • 2m3 courier mission.
4. Clean Hands - Rust in Peace (4 of 5)
  • Straightforward kill mission. The item you are required to get during this mission - "Foreman's Head" - can be purchased off of contracts or as part of a cosmos kit.
5. Clean Hands - Corpse Cauldron (5 of 5)
  • Kill mission. Warp in, blow up thing, collect item.

Ormon Parsik

  • System: Munory
  • Beacon: The Bonfire
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (100m3 max)
1. Pilgrim - Festival (1 of 5)
Courier mission, 40m3. If you don't have or cannot buy "The Apocryphon", be sure to keep the key you get as a reward.
2. Pilgrim - Heretics (2 of 5)
Kill mission, but if you have "The Apocryphon" you can just turn it in right away.
You need the key for this one; it is consumed when you enter. If you warp out during the rather intense final room you can't get back in.
3. Pilgrim - Funeral (3 of 5)
Kill mission in deadspace. Fairly straightforward, another +3 as a reward.
4. Pilgrim - Shroud (4 of 5)
Courier mission, 100m3.
5. Pilgrim - Temple (5 of 5)
Deadspace kill mission. Kill everything, kill the reinforcements, loot the mission item.
Wave 1 is two battleships and three battlecruisers. Wave 2 spawns when you kill anything and is four frigates (including a warp scrambling frigate, Blood Raider Faith Giver) and three more battlecruisers.

Amir Arshah

  • System: Nidupad
  • Beacon: Carchatur Outpost
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (600m3 max)
1. Arming Araz (1 of 5)
Courier mission, 500m3. Move guns from the agent to a nearby station.
2. Arming Araz (2 of 5)
Kill mission with a goal of recovering four "Bug-Ridden Corpse". These can be purchased off contract or as part of a Cosmos kit to avoid having to farm them.
3. Arming Araz (3 of 5)
Deadspace kill mission. A drake will have no problems with it at all.
4. Arming Araz (4 of 5)
Another courier, this one 600m3.
5. Arming Araz (5 of 5)
Deadspace kill mission. Once again it's fairly simple, a drake can handle it easily.

Nossa Farad

  • System: Chanoun
  • Beacon: Governor's audience Chamber
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (100m3 max)
1-3. Governor's Aide (1 of 5 through 3 of 5)
These are all easy kill missions. The first two are against Rogue Drones, and in the second mission, you need to wait up to 20 minutes for the Matriarch to spawn. The third gives you plenty of wait time between Serpentis spawns; bring appropriate ammo.
4. Governor's Aide (4 of 5)
Courier, sort of. You need 50 Amarr Light Marines, which players sell via contracts alone or as part of a Cosmos kit. If you can't buy them, they're found in the last room of the Kador Military Outpost, in the Kador Bunker.
5. Governor's Aide (5 of 5)
Like the previous mission, you need an item - 14 "Manel's Servant". Don't buy them - it's not worth whatever markup pubbies will put on them. Instead, warp to the Lord Manel's Mansion beacon, approach the industrial, open it like any cargo can, and clikc loot all. Warp back, hit complete, and you're done. This mission rewards you with Nossa Farad's Voucher, which you will need to talk to Odan Poun, so hang onto it.

Bartezo Maphante

System: Garisas Beacon: Port Maphante

  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (200m3 max)
1. Guild Wars (1 of 4)
Kill mission. A battlecruiser will more than handle it.
2. Guild Wars (2 of 4)
Courier mission, 200m3. Quick hop next door, so nice and easy.
3. Guild Wars (3 of 4)
Another kill mission that a drake will clean up easily. Four waves about 4 minutes apart.
4. Guild Wars (4 of 4)
Another one of those gathering missions. You need 50 Elite Laser Pistol, which you can farm at the location the agent tells you, or simply buy. As a reward you receive Bartezo's Message; hang onto it, you'll need it for the next agent.

Odan Poun

  • System: Chanoun
  • Beacon: Governor's audience Chamber
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (1m3 max)
1. Manel's Disappearance (1 of 5)
Hand in the voucher from your last agent.
2. Manel's Disappearance (2 of 5)
Fetch the item the agent wants from the Roadhouse in Munory, at Planet 5, Moon 3. Alas, this one you must fetch, as it is not part of Cosmos kits. This will take you on a short two mission arc that you must complete for the agent at the roadhouse. Accept the first one and complete it immediately (you have the item in your cargo). The second mission is just a drop-off mission which takes you a few jumps out. Remember to add the reward to your cargo once it's completed.
3. Manel's Disappearance (3 of 5)
Simple enough kill mission. Drake handles it easily, any battleship or tengu, easier still.
4. Manel's Disappearance (4 of 5)
Courier mission. Keep the "Key to Lord Manel's Mansion", you'll need it.
5. Manel's Disappearance (5 of 5)
Obtain Lord Manel's Message from Lord Manel's Mansion. To do this, you'll have to make your way through the complex to reach Lord Manel, and then complete his missions. You do not need to kill rats to use the gates inside the complex, unless they warp scramble you.

Manel Kador

  • System: Chanoun
  • Beacon: Lord Manel's mansion
Agent Type: Collection
To talk to this agent, you need Bartezo's Message, so be sure to bring it along.
1. Neutralizing the Threat (1-3 of 3)
This mission has three stages. Each ask you to collect items - 10 Blood Grunt Tags, 5 Blood Lower Tier Tags, and then two Blood Raider Squad Leader's Heads. These can be farmed, or more easily, bought. The final mission rewards you with Lord Manel's Message, which you need to take back to Odan Poun before moving on.

Thumal Ebotiz

  • System: Koona
  • Beacon: Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood - (Go through the Ravelin gate)
  • Agent Type: Kill, Collection, Courier (.1 m3 max)
To talk to this agent, you need the Blood Reel you received from Hetras Dakumon.
1. Clear Head - Throwing Down the Gauntlet (1 of 5)
Collection mission. You need one Dynasty Ring. You can purchase them from contracts or as part of a COSMOS kit, otherwise you'll have to kill belt rats until you get one.
2. Clear Head - Code of Chivalry (2 of 5)
Little courier mission, 0.1m3
3. Clear Head - The Joust (3 of 5)
Simple kill mission. Don't forget to loot the item you need.
4. Clear Head - Black Barbican (4 of 5)
Another simple kill mission.
5. Clear Head - Dragon in a Dungeon (5 of 5)
One more. Kill shit, loot item.

Sheroz Amokin

  • System: Koona
  • Beacon: Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood - (Go through the Ravelin gate)
  • Agent Type: Kill, Collection, Courier (.1 m3 max)
1. Blood Hunt - Symptoms (1 of 5)
Go into "The Slope" and kill the rats the agent tells you to, collect Bug-Ridden Corpses. Or, just buy them or get them out of your cosmos kit.
2. Blood Hunt - Morbid Burden (2 of 5)
Go into the fortress and collect two Antiseptic Biomass, or just grab it from your kit or buy off contracts.
3. Blood Hunt - Remains (3 of 5)
Courier mission, 0.1m3
4. Blood Hunt - Cut to the Heart (4 of 5)
A collection mission, and the first somewhat tough combat mission. As the agent notes, you'll face a few battleships with battlecruiser and tackling frigate support. However, the item you need - Generator Debris - can also just be bought from contracts.
5. Blood Hunt - Surgical Strike (5 of 5)
Another somewhat difficult combat mission. Each room has 4-5 battleships plus support. Blood Raider Constables will web in the first room, and Blood Raider Tangler's in the second, so beware them if you're in a Tengu. Loot Archpriest Hakram's Head, although note that you do have to kill everything as well.

Kofur Karveran

  • System: Jakri
  • Beacon: Caor Korduin
  • Agent type: Kill, Collect
1. Secrets of the Mire Keep (1 of 4)
Go to the Mire Keep and collect five Blood Raider Scientist. You can also buy them.
2. Secrets of the Mire Keep (2 of 4)
Go where the agent tells you and kill the shit. It should all be pretty easy.
3. Secrets of the Mire Keep (3 of 4)
Another kill mission. Lots of cruisers, but nothing too hard.
4. Secrets of the Mire Keep (4 of 4)
Go to Mire Keep and destroy the blood raider headquarters. It's actually just an excuse to force you to collect "Anema Bluechip", so you could also just buy said item.

Zar Forari

  • System: Zimse
  • Beacon: Imperial Administration Complex
  • Agent Type: Kill, Courier (100m3, LOWSEC)
1. Nidupadian Yorak Eggs (1 of 2)
Go collect some Blood Raider faggot's head. It's really big, for some reason. Four BS and some support in this mission, so it's not difficult but we are starting to get tougher combat missions.
2. Nidupadian Yorak Eggs (2 of 2)
A courier mission! A big one - 100m3, and quite a few jumps, too. And, one more problem - the pickup location is in Lowsec. This is probably okay, it tends to be a quiet system. However, the shortest route from pickup to dropoff goes through several jumps of lowsec as well - again, all quiet systems. That route is 15 jumps. Alternatively, you can do 30 jumps, avoiding all but the first few lowsec systems, which you must go through regardless.
At a minimum, use a fast frigate for this. A blockade runner would be better if you can fly one. However, if you're skittish about it, simply do not do the mission - it is not a prerequisite for further missions.

Zach Himun

  • System: Zimse
  • Beacon: Imperial Administration Complex
  • Agent Type: Fucking everything!
This mission chain is long, and split across two agents. This guy has the first six missions, although as one of them is a three-parter its more like 8 or 9 missions.
1. King of the Hill (1 of 13)
Fly to the agent's bookmark and collect Lord Methros' Encrypted Data Burst. This is a combat mission, and note that Corpus Harbingers neut. Also note that you only have to kill the initial wave that aggros you to loot the container.
2. King of the Hill (2 of 13)
Another mission identical to the first. Again, it's a combat mission, so make sure to leave 50m3 in your combat ship's hanger. You only have to destroy the Guardian Drone.
3. King of the Hill (3 of 13) (part 1)
This is some gay three-part collection mission. This item is found in the first asteroid belt of the first planet, guarded by a couple BS and some support. You can also just buy it - this will be easier, as it's probably farmed.
4. King of the Hill (3 of 13) (part 2)
Another data fragment mission. This one is 150km off the warpin of Zimse V. As with the first, you can just buy it.
5. King of the Hill (3 of 13) (part 3)
One more such mission. It's at P6M6, 120km from the warpin. Again, it can be bought.
6. King of the Hill (4 of 13)
Combat mission! It's easy enough, four battleships and some support.
7. King of the Hill (5 of 13)
Collection mission. You need to go to the Mire Keep and retrieve a Corpum Commander Medallion from a Corelum Commander. You can also just buy it off contracts or as part of a COSMOS kit.
8. King of the Hill (6 of 13)
Courier mission. Take the note to its destination. Keep the EFA ID Card, you need it to talk to the next agent, who has the rest of this mission chain.

Ammargal Detrone

  • System: Nidupad
  • Beacon: Imperial Palace Complex
  • Agent Type: Fucking everything!
1. King of the Hill (7 of 13)
This is just a gate mission to make sure you did the first guy. Turn in the EFA ID Card.
1. King of the Hill (8 of 13)
Courier mission, 50m3. Hang onto the Standard Decoding Device that you receive as a reward.
2. King of the Hill (9 of 13)
Collection mission. You need an Enigma Cipher Book (LITERALLY NAZIS!) You can just buy this item as well. If you decide to collect it, be sure to gather 10 Encoding Matrix while you're out; you'll need them. Save the blueprint you get, you need it for the next mission.
3. King of the Hill (10 of 13)
This mission is literally to build the blueprint from the last mission, to produce a Methros Enhanced Decoding Device to turn in.
4. King of the Hill (11 of 13)
A deadspace kill mission. First room looks bad when you warp in, but it's all separate groups so no big deal. They DO proxy aggro though.
5. King of the Hill (12 of 13)
A gay scanning mission. These days you may be able to use the system scanner (needs confirmation). The item you need - Yamia Mida's Remains - can be purchased from contracts though.
6. King of the Hill (13 of 13)
Make sure you have a lot of time, as this mission makes the worst L4 Extravaganza missions look short - it took me over two hours in a Tengu. Five rooms total. The first room alone is 7 BS and 11 cruisers/battlecruisers. Second stage is 9 BS and 9 cruisers/battlecruisers, and so on. In any given room everything aggros at once, so I hope you're either a tengu or have a stiff conventional tank. Second to last room has at least three neuting battleships in close proximity to the warpin. Check the wreck of the High Priest in the final room, he's really a Dark Blood Oracle and can drop faction loot.

Thakor Udokas

  • System: Zimse
  • Beacon: Museum Arcana
1. Trial of Skill (1 of 1)
Dumb little test agent. You need an Analyzer and the skill to use it. Use the Analyzer on the "Trial of Skill" can and return to the agent to complete the mission. If you have a COSMOS kit you can just bring Runic Inscription instead, as that's what he wants, but opening the crate is the only way to get the key for the next agent.

The Curator

  • System: Zimse
  • Beacon: Museum Arcana
  • Agent Type: Collection
This guy is an Archaology agent. You can either collect the items, for which you'll need the skills, or you can buy them. The items you need, respectively, are Takmahl Centrifugal Primer, Holy Statue, and Ritual Texts. For the final mission, you receive Key to the Labyrinth, which is apparently in Aphi, but fuck if I know or care what it's for.

A Note about the Fort Kumar Agents

After the Curator, you are done, technically. There are a series of lowsec agents. These agents are all somewhat optional if lowsec bothers you, but are quite lucrative if you're willing to do them. The area is relatively quiet - while I was there, the only remotely dangerous event was a pirate gang that passed through but did not camp or loiter. Use a scout and such and it should be fairly safe.

Kaeg Zkaen

  • System: Kenobanala
  • Beacon: Fort Fumar
  • Agent Type: Courier (100m3 max)
A pair of courier missions.

Training Agents

  • System: Kenobanala
  • Beacon: Fort Kumar
Talking to the final agent requires one unit of Minas' Voucher. There are five agents from which you can get one of these vouchers - Fam Kishemas, Fassara Nazarut, Zama Fedas, Krard Wengalill, and Nuo Tuotura. They are all identical and you can do them all. However, they only give corp standings, so there is no faction spillover. As a result, if Caldari standings are your goal, run the mission for Nuo Tuotura - he is a Caldari Navy agent, and he awards 13.14% standing for Caldari Navy. The objective of any of the missions is found at the Amarr Military Training Grounds. Kill the drones, loot drops until you have what you need. Incidentally, they're some of the only drones in Eve that still drop alloys.

Minas Iksan

  • System: Kenobanala
  • Beacon: Fort Kumar
  • Agent Type: Ball busting combat
1. The Audesder War Effort, Hand in the Voucher (1 of 8)
Do what the mission title tells you.
2. The Audesder War Effort, The Gallente Spy Drones (2 of 8)
Combat mission, pits you against Gallente so prepare with hardeners and ammo appropriately. Twelve cruisers and some frigates guard the drones, but you only have to kill the drones to complete the mission.
3. The Audesder War Effort, The Ammatar Traitor (3 of 8)
This mission wants you to collect Oggin Kalda's DNA. It isn't part of a normal cosmos kit, so you'll have to do it the hard way. Find him at P2M1. **Be careful, the moon is towered and has a lot of guns, plus neut and jamming batteries. As of 9/30/12 it has a warp disruptor as well, but it should be out of range. Blow up the structure, bookmark the can, warp out, warp back in, get out.**
4. The Audesder War Effort, Planting the SPy (4 of 8)
A quick courier mission through lowsec. 1m3.
5. The Audesder War Effort, Damaging their Surveillance Capabilities (5 of 8)
Multi-room kill mission against gallente & minmatar. You'll have to omni-tank. In a tengu, kill "Support" frigates asap as they web. Also note that Kinetic is superior to Explosive against Republic Fleet, contrary to what you would expect. After you have reached the final room, you only have to destroy the Surveillance Tower to complete the mission, although once again I recommend killing the webbing frigates first if you're in a Tengu.
6. The Audesder War Effort, Recoverying the Spy (6 of 8)
A collection mission. You need to go to the base as specified and retrieve the Amarrian Spy from the "Alliance Barracks". He's in the can named "Barracks". Nothing actually aggros you, just loot the can and go.
7. The Audesder War Effort, Striking at the Blockade
A kill mission. Go into the Minmatar Alliance Defense Bridage complex and retrieve the Minmatar Bluechip by destroying the command post. You do not have to kill the defending ships - just destroy the EM Forcefield and then the Command Post.
8. The Audesder War Effort, The Dreadnaught Manufacturing Facility (8 of 8)
This is a fucking pain in the dick combat mission. You'll face several stages to get there. It's going to be worth checking wrecks too, as plenty of rats can drop named items, implants, and Mindlinks.
1. Stage one is Republic Fleet, 5 battleships and 10 cruisers.
2. Stage two is once again Republic Fleet, 15 (!) battleships and a swarm of frigates. All of the frigates web and yes, if you are webbed, your tengu cannot tank it - my tengu tanks 750 dps and got its tank annihilated (I survived though), so its nasty. Your strategy should basically be, warp in, align, kill webbers as fast as possible, and warp out if you have to. Once the webbers die, a tengu speed tanks it easily.
3. There are two ways of doing this last room. The first is to kill everything, starting with the Federation Elite Manicas, because they web and scramble, followed by the Gleedas, which target paint you and mean that you can't tank even if you AREN'T webbed. The second way is to just destroy the mission objective and warp out - it's the Major Assembly Array, and it dies in a single volley of missiles from a Tengu. That said, Shaqil can still drop his Speed Enhancer, and the other named NPC drops Mindlinks, so its worth a few hundred million isk to kill the frigates and then at least kill Shaqil and the named Federation NPC.

Additional Agents

For some goddamn unknown crazy reason, the Minmatar COSMOS complex has a set of Amarr agents. If you're interested, more info can be found at - you'll need to run it through google translate.

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