Core Runner Exile Production Facility

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Core Runner Exile Production Facility
Type Booster production/hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Ladar
Loot type Exile related BPCs, materials, skillbooks
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Similar to the CHAIN Mindflood site in Delve, The Core Runner Drop Production Facility is almost identical to this site. Few things have different names and the drops might be slightly different, but the overall makeup of the spawns and the dangers are basically the same.


Forever seeking new ways to spread their influence in the illegal booster industry, the Core Runners looked to the famed Thukker Tribe caravans for inspiration. No longer content to base their sales exclusively out of static locations, they have begun to push forward and establish temporary markets wherever demand is highest.

Marketing highly valuable Exile and Drop boosters in such a way presents numerous challenges and temptations to all involved. For this reason Serpentis put only their most trusted narco-thugs in charge of this new operation; Sarpati himself is said to have handpicked the two Captains and their lieutenants.


Initial Wave

On Warp-in:

Second Wave

-Triggered after killing last close range BS (if no captain is present) or possibly last non-captain BS

Hacking Containers

There are hacking containers randomly spawned. It appears you can get up to 8 in a random mix.


  • The Neut Tower are pretty serious, target them first. If you are not flying a cap-careless setup, be sure to bring backup priest options.
  • You can warp to this site at whatever range you want, since there's no gate. Fortunately, the neut towers are relatively short range.
  • Destroying the structures doesn't seem to drop anything, and neither does the cargo bays/docked transports.
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