Central Serpentis Sparking Transmitter

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Central Serpentis Sparking Transmitter
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Radar
Loot type
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An exact copy of the BR version(s). Initial spawn is either 2 BS and 9 light missile batteries or 2-3 BS, 2-3 BCs, 2-3 frigs and 8 batteries. Moving closer to the site with anything, including drones, will spawn 3 more waves (each one as you approach closer): 8 frigs/2 BC's, 6-8 frigs, and 8 BC's. Some of these scramble/web and others will tracking disrupt, but unlike the Blood Raider version they won't neut so it's an easy plex overall. If you are moderately careful there's nothing to worry about.

Structures include either 2x Com Tower, 1x Mainframe, 2x Databank or 2x MF/2xCT/1xDatabank. The databank is the top tier radar structure so the first version is better. One odd thing about this plex is that you can ninja every container but the one in the central structure - to loot that one, you have to kill the BS guarding it.

Loot is typical of Radar sites: data interface BPCs, Gallente Encryption books, decryptors, datacores, and materials.

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