Central Guristas Sparking Transmitter

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Central Guristas Sparking Transmitter
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Radar
Loot type
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Just like Central Serpentis Sparking Transmitter with 2 BS and 9 light missile batteries or 2-3 BS, 2-3 BCs, 2-3 frigs and 8 batteries. Except instead of light missile batteries, they are all heavy missile batteries. And they shoot thermal missiles. Heat tank your ship.

This site has an occasional bonus round: upon hacking into one of the Mainframes (on the 2x mainframe version) up to 4 Dire frigates and 6 (!) Dire cruisers will pop into existence right on top of you. As they all do thermal damage and can web and scram you, this can be a very nasty surprise for Tengus. Be prepared.

Structures include either 2x Com Tower, 1x Mainframe, 2x Databank or 2x MF/2xCT/1xDatabank. The databank is the top tier radar structure so the first version is better. No containers can be ninja looted.

Loot is typical of Radar sites: data interface BPCs, Caldari Encryption books, decryptors, datacores, and materials.

Loot history:

01/11/2012: 2xInterface Alignment Chart, 1xPrototype Diagram, 30 different datacores, tuner BPC, ~22m total

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