Central Guristas Data Mining Site

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Central Guristas Data Mining Site
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Radar
Loot type
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Warpin Message: A myriad of technological marvels inhabit this area of space, the physical guts of a powerful and well protected computerized network. A codebreaker module will be invaluable in uncovering the secrets that are likely hidden here, locked away inside data vaults and heavily encrypted digital networks.

Site Info

Upon warpin you'll face 6 sentry guns, 2 BS, 4 battlecruisers, and 4 frigates. As you approach the com towers, another 3 cruisers and 6 frigates will spawn.

There are 2 com towers, 3 databanks, and 2 Mainframes; spread out across 80km of the site. Pairs of sentry guns sit around some of the containers. As you access the containers to the right, 4 frigates will spawn. The far site will spawn 3 battle cruisers, and then the nearer 2 more.

Loot is unusually good for the gurista presence, but like all radar sites since the encryption method skill book drop rate buff, is still not really worth your time. The site has a very small sig, and is about as difficult to probe down as a 10/10.

Trip reports

Loot: 12/06/10 - 40 datacores, 2 encryption skillbooks, and 4 encryptors.

Loot: 12/06/12 - 25 datacores, 2 encryption skillbooks, 2 decryptors, and 2 BPCs

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