Central Guristas Command Center

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Central Guristas Command Center
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Radar
Loot type
View list of complexes

An exact copy of the Blood Raider version. Site appears empty at start with 2x Databank, 2x Mainframe, 2x Com tower. Approaching spawns 12x Guristas Light Missile Batteries. Approaching closer spawns 7x Guristas Heavy missile Batteries. Approaching still closer spawns 4x Guristas Cruise Missile Batteries. These are all technically in waves so you could spawn them 4 at a time if you cared to.

The trigger for the spawns appears to be proximity to the bunker structures, getting within 30km spawns the 4 batteries associated with that structure. I advise warping in at 20-30 and setting off the bunkers one at a time, makes the site essentially trivial compared to warping in at 0 and having to deal with 20 batteries all at once.

Note that you need a codebreaker module to access the cans in this site.

Loot Table

Standard datasite loot.

Example Loot (2/14/2011):
Esoteric Ship Data Blueprint x1
Esoteric Data Interface Blueprint x2
Datacore Mechanical Engineering x21
Datacore Rocket Science x17
Datacore Caldari Starship Engineering x11
Datacore Hydromagnetic Physics x16
Spare Parts x74
Electronic Links x119
Power Couplings x166
Interface Alignment Chart x2
Installation Guide x1
Caldari Encryption Methods x2

Alternate version: 2 BS and 3 BCs on warp with the same batteries/spawns.

Trip Reorts

4/19/11 - Datacore - Electronic Engineering x10, Datacore - Graviton Physics x13, Power Couplings x133, User Manual x1, Caldari Encryption x3

6/12/12 - 15 x Datacore - Starship Engineering, 2 x Decrypters, 1 x Encyrption Skillbook, and Misc Parts.

05/29/13 - 54x various datacores, Interface alignment chart, Reactive armor hardener bpc (50x runs), 2x Esoteric bpc.

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