Central Blood Raider Survey Site

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Central Blood Raider Survey Site
Type Hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Radar
Loot type
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On warp-in, site is guarded by 4 light missile batteries, 2 webbing towers, 1 cruiser, and 6 frigates. Upon blowing up one of the stasis towers, another 2 cruisers, 4 frigates and 1-2 Archon/Prophet BS will spawn.

2x Blood Com Tower 1x Blood Databank 3x Blood Mainframe

Most of the cans are located at a pair of towers where the stasis towers & missile batteries are located. One of the mainframes will be located above the wreckage 50 KM off from the towers. Opening one of the mainframes triggers a final spawn of a few frigs with cruisers, or a few cruisers with BCs.

Loot is typical of Radar sites: data interface BPCs, Amarr Encryption books, decryptors, datacores, and materials.

6/30/09 trip report: First spawn as described. No second spawn, but a bunch of the containers are booby trapped and they all eventually make an appearance in 3 packs of 2-5 each (at point blank range.)

7/10/09 trip report: First spawn as described. No second wave, but attacking a stasis tower spawned 2 BS and a BC. Approaching close to one of the databanks spawned 3 frigs, and approaching to another spawned 4 BC's. Moving close to the final container (away from the others) spawned 4 BC's and 5 frigs.

7/21/09 trip report: First spawn as described. Second wave appeared in increments as the first three containers were unlocked and one of the stasis towers was destroyed. The two battleships that spawned were not Popes but Archons.

10/17/09 trip report: First spawn as indicated, second spawn after destroying a stasis tower was more BC & frigs & a single Prophet.

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