Blood Raider Rally Point

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Blood Raider Rally Point
Type  ?
Number of sites  ?
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Unknown
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Blood Raider exploration complex.

Initial site

The site is neither deadspace or gated.

First Wave:

  • 2x Tower Sentry Bloodraider I
  • 2x Blood Heavy Missile Batteries
  • 2x Corpum Arch Templar cruisers (Tracking Disruption)
  • 2x Corpii Raider Frigates
  • 2x Elder Corpii Worshipper Frigates (Webbing)

Second Wave (arrives at about 60 seconds from warp-in):

Reinforcements arrive at the scene, ready to support their compatriots.

  • 2x Corpum Sage Cruisers (NOS)
  • 1x Corpum Cleric Destroyer

Third Wave (about 120 seconds from warp-in):

  • 3x Corpior Bishop battlecruisers
  • 2x Corpior Devoter Destroyers

Fourth/Fifth Wave (Two spawns happened very quickly, was not able to screencap to differentiate between them): 2x Corpatis Bishop 4x Corpatis Fanatic 3x Corpii Diviner 2x Corpior Converter 3x Corpior Templar

Trip Reports

Trip Report 9/3/09: Total of six waves, nothing better than a BC. Final wave was a single DB Bishop battlecruiser (dropped blood M Infrared, DB Gold tag, DB Energized Magnetic Membrane, DB Medium EMP Smartbomb + t2 salvage). A good plex for the inexperienced ratter to try. Trip Report 10/14/09: Site as described, but minor variations on frigs. Frigs all warp disrupted - be careful! Trip Report 11/29/2009: Experienced fourth/fifth wave, added to wiki above. No faction spawn.

12/5/09: Nothing beyond 2nd wave. Fuck Goons. | 12/7/09: 4/5th wave. No faction spawn.

1/23/2010: Wave info above is inaccurate, waves spawn when the previous one is eliminated, not on a timer. Composition is off, but very easy. I got 3 waves, no faction spawn.

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