Blood Raider Prison Camp

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Blood Raider Prison Camp
Type DED complex
Number of sites 4
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Class 2
Loot type Corpus B-Type
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The new Blood 8/10 complex introduced in the Incursions 1.4 patch.

Probably ran the first one ever on Tranq right after downtime with a Abaddon/Domi/Domi; I run 10/10's easily with the setup (deadspace passive tanked abaddon, domis are 4 LRARII each for a total of 8)

I'm not sure if this site can be two boxed; it would be very close due to the very high tank/ehp of the final citadel.

The npc counts aren't exact, but are a rough idea of what you'll see:

The site has 4 rooms total - important notes up front: Standard aggro, ie everything will aggro first on the tank after a normal delay. No respawns through the entire thing; what you see is what there is. Warp in message: The Blood Raider Covenant deals as fiercely with internal problems as it does with external foes. Blood Raider prisons are infamous for their re-education programs. Inmates are subjected to highly structured brainwashing and torture regimes until they accept the salvation of Omir Sakusa’s Sani Sabik sect. Fatalities as a result of this process are high.

DED Threat Assessment: 8 of 10


8 destroyers 2 bs, no respawns, gate is 21km away from warpin

Second room

19 frigs, 5 cruisers, 6 battleships or so; 2 LRARII on the Abaddon easily tanked it. Gate to next room about 30km away.

Third room

20+ frigs/cruisers, ~10 battleships including a Dark Blood Pope. Pope actually drops DB loot.

Fourth room

I'm reading several guard towers on the other side, but only one serves as central bastion for their security. Knocking out this tower should shut down the prison, as well as reveal any advanced tech their forces keep stockpiled here.

Probably very challenging to two box. Its a large grid with a total of 4 "citadels", with the primary being the Blood Raider Central Bastion. Each citadel has some sentry guns + stasis webs, and the central citadel is like a standard sentinel (ie, from the 6/10) in that it massively webs + shoots citadel torps at you, but it is standard damage, not the rape damage of the temple complex/ or 10/10.

In addition to the citadels you have approximately 20bs and 25 frig/cruisers which will all aggro. I tried to cheese the site initially and pop the Central Citadel without killing all the shit but it has way too much ehp and the elder corpii's tackle, so I ended up killing all the small stuff before focusing on the citadel.

When you first warp in there is actually a fair bit of damage on you; I think ~5 reps kept me up with no problems at the onset, but thats with a max abaddon tank (93 em / 92 therm). edit: ok, ran this a second time, its actually not much. 3 reps kept me up no problem.

The central citadel tanks just like the sentinel in the 6/10 (that most people skip) in that it probably reps at least 1k dps, but it has a ton of structure. It took my max gunnery / pulse laser 5 Abaddon with faction multifreq at 10km and 2 domis worth of Ogre II's roughly 10 minutes to chew through the tank (it felt like longer). edit: second run through, pretty much confirmed its ~10 minutes with Abaddon/Domi/Domi

Upon blowing up the citadel, you get this message:

Prison facility shutting down. Reclaiming the prison complex will cost the Blood Raiders billions in ISK.

Granted, failsafes in the attached prison cells executed all prisoners when the bastion fell, but what's a few thousand failed Amarr heretics when compared to the possibility of acquiring rare faction modules?

Trip Reports

7 April 2011: 21st tier effects, Bhaalgorn BPC -- Diogenes

7 April 2011 #2: 21st tier effects, Bhaalgorn BPC -- Diogenes

26 June 2011: DB ANP and a tag (from the Dark Blood Pope in Room 3), fucking 21st tier overseers from the station. FUCK CCP --Dynamite Toast

11 Dec 2011: DB AKH, DB EMM, plus tag, 21st tier - FUCK CCP HARD IN THE ARSE!

30 Jun 2012: Back in Delve Again! DB Energized EM Plate, Heavy Neut, and OSE. Meh.

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