Blood Raider Base

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Blood Raider Base
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3?
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Unknown (Corpus C-Type?)
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Low end Blood Raider exploration complex.


First Room

When you first warp in there are two small groups 100k+ off the warp in that include:

  • 4x Battleships
  • 6x Frigates

After a couple minutes a 2nd spawn (100km) shows up:

  • 4x Cruisers

3rd timed spawn (150km):

  • 2x Cruisers or 3x Battlecruisers
  • 2-3x Battleships

Gate to the second room is 60km away.

Second Room

80km off warpin

  • 2-3x Cruisers (nos/neuting)
  • 4x Battleships

2nd spawn (100+km) appears to be timed like the first room

  • 3-4x Battleships
  • 3-4x Frigates

3rd spawn (100+km), appears to be timed but may also be related to approaching the Blood Raider Chapel. 8/10/09 Killing frigates from 2nd spwan triggered 3x bs.

  • 2-3x Battleships
  • 0-1x Dark Blood Battleships

Trip report 6/4/09: killed off the 2nd spawn BS's 250km+ away from the chapel, third wave of 1 Patriarch and 2 Cardinals spawned instantly. No DB BS.)

Attacking the Blood Raider Chapel causes a 4th and final spawn:

  • 7x Cruisers
  • 4x Frigates
  • 4x Battleships

The escalation trigger is the blood raider chapel in the second room.

Trip Reports

Trip report 6/4/09: 4x BS + 4x frigs + about a dozen cruisers, at least 4 of which neut + nos. Kill the revenants first.

Trip Report: May/1/09. Shooting chapel did not escalate for me. Spawned 4 frigs, 3 BC about 50km away.

Trip Report: 7 July 2009. Shot the Chapel to half shields for 3 BS and 3 Cruisers to spawn. Shoor the Chapel to structure to get 3 Battlecruisers and 3 Frigates to spawn. No DB spawns, no escalation.

Trip Report: 9 July 2009. Shot the Chapel once to get four BS and four tracking disruptor cruiser to spawn. Shot the Chapel again to get three frigates and four battlecruisers. No DB spawn, no escalation.

Trip Report: 7/22/2009. Initial spawn as described. The three timed spawns in the first room were slightly different than described: the second spawn was only three cruisers, the third spawn was three battleships and two cruisers. Once in range of the first gate two battlecruisers spawned. The second room was as described, but the final spawn did not appear to be times, and only appeared when I was within 150 km of the chapel. Escalation after destroying the chapel, no Dark Blood.

Trip Report: 7/21/2009. Frightened a neutral away and got an escalation after destroying the Chapel. Only escalated once though, 7 systems away. Added to collection of worthless passive tank DB mods.

Trip Report: 9/16/2009. Got a DB Archon, and escalation message plus location in journal after killing it

Trip Report: 9/18/09. Got a DB Prophet, which dropped DB Energized Thermal Membrane, Blood Microwave L, and Talisman Alpha. No escalation after blowing up chapel.

Trip Report: 9/20/09. Got a DB Prophet, dropped Blood Infrared L, Dark Blood Crystal Tag, Dark Blood Armor Thermic Hardener, and Dark Blood Large EMP Smartbomb. No escalation.

Trip Report: 9/26/09. Escalated after destroying the Chapel.

Trip Report: 10/28/09. No DB. Escalated to RR-DOS after destroying the Chapel.

Trip Report: 10/27/09. No DB. Escalated after destroying the Chapel.

Trip Report: 11/8/09. No DB. No escalation. Fuck goons.

Trip Report: 11/11/09. DB Oracle, dropped Blood Microwave L, DB Crystal Tag, DB Armor Kinetic Hardener, DB Cap Power Relay, DB EANM. No escalation.

Trip Report: 11/13/09. No DB. No escalation. Fuck goons.

Trip Report: 11/19/09. DB Archon, dropped DB Crystal Tag, DB Large EMP Smartbomb, Faction Ammo. Escalated after shooting the DB spawn.

Trip Report: 11/21/09. No DB. No escalation. Fuck goons.

Trip Report: 11/27/09. No DB. No escalation. Fuck goons.

Trip Report: 08/01/10. No DB. No escalation. Fuck CCP.

Trip Report: 01/12/10. DB Oracle, Ammo, Tag, DB Magnetic Thing, DB Heat Sink, DB PDS. No Escalation. Fuck CCP.

Trip Report: 01/25/10. No DB. No escalation.

Religious Fury (Part 1)

Easily soloable with a raven. You land at an un-gated site with:

  • 5 BS
  • 3 BC
  • 3 Frigs (May Tracking disrupt)

Popping one of the four chapels has a chance at an escalation, if you pop all 4 with no message then you've deadended.

Trip Reports

Trip Report: 3/09 Warping into Religious Fury (Part 1) landed me on top of 8 BS including 1 Dark Lord Prophet. Shooting the chapels did not escalate.

Trip Report: 3 May 09, landed on 6 or so BS, plus assorted frigs and cruisers, and Dark Lord Prophet. Destroying first chapel didn't give a message on the client that was shooting but had a popup on second saying no escalation.

Trip Report 6/8/09: site had 6 BS and 6-8 total cruisers + frigs about 60km away from warpin, but no DB. The site did not escalate.

Trip Report. 7/22/09: Site had 6 battleships and a DB Battleship, two Battlecruisers and four frigates. The site escalated when the Dark Blood battleship died, I did not lock or even shoot a chapel.

Trip Report. 8/10/09: Site had 6 BS, 2 BC, 4 frig and 1 DB Prophet. Site escalated when the DB BS died. I had started approaching the chapels but hadn't yet shot any of them.

Trip Report - 9/16/2009: Site pretty much as above, but with DB Apostle. Upon killing it, popup message ending "You really have no idea where it came from." which seems to be a nice way of saying no escalation for you chump. Shot the chapels anyway, nothing happened.

Trip Report - 9/26/2009: 6 BS, 2 BC, 4 Frig and 1 DB Oracle. Escalated when the DB BS died, I was kiting away from the chapels.

Trip Report - 10/13/2009: No DB BS, got a dead-end message after killing one of the chapels.

Trip Report - 10/28/2009: No DB BS, escalated after killing one of the chapels.

Trip Report - 11/19/2009: No DB BS, dead end message after killing a chapel. Fuck CCP.

Trip Report - 11/24/2009: 8 BS, 4 BC, 4 Frig and 1 DB Apostle. Escalated when the DB BS died, 2 BS and 4 BC didn't aggro until aggro'ed

Religious Fury (Part 2)

  • 1x Dark Blood Oracle
  • 3x BS
  • 4x Frigates
  • 3x Cruisers

One of the Battleships is named Blood High Priest, attacking it causes a second spawn of:

  • 3x Frigates
  • 3x Cruisers

There are also 4 Fragmented Cathedral Structures numbered for your convenience. Popped all four and no escalation, unclear what the trigger to the next step is.

Trip Reports

Trip Report: After killing the Blood High Priest an Overseer named Dark Templar Uthius spawned together with 3 renamed BS and 8 webbing frigates, dropped Corpus C-Type loot.

Trip Report 6/15/09: 5 Harbingers (including the renamed High Priest) + 6-8 tracking disruptor frigs and 3 BC's on warpin. The High Priest has remote rep drones but only uses them on the frigs and BC's, not the BS. Nothing spawned when he was attacked/no DT spawn when he died and a roleplaying "dead end" popup.

Trip Report 6/30/09: 4 BS (3 archbishops, renamed High Priest was an apostle) + 3 BC's/3 frigs. The High Priest never repped anything. Attacking him spawned the 3x frigs/cruisers and killing him gave the dead end popup. The HP was totally empty (fuck goons)

Trip Report 7/23/09: 3 Archbishop and the High Priest plus around 4 frigates and 4 neuting cruisers. Shooting the High Priest caused no second spawn. High Priest dropped a Talisman Epsilon, Dark Blood Heavy Nosferatu, and a Dark Blood Thermic Hardener plus other named loot you would expect in a regular Dark Blood spawn. Dead end message popped up after destroying the High Priest, no DT spawn.

Trip Report: 8/10/09: High Priest dropped c-type Heavy NOS and c-type Armor Explosive Hardener.

Trip Report: 9/26/09: High Priest dropped garbage, Uthius spawned with 3 BS and 8 frigs. Uthius was a bit obnoxious because he hits out to almost 200 km and I was in a Cruise Raven. And then he gave me nothing but a DB tag. So fuck everyone and everything. Dead end message after killing Uthius.

Trip Report: 10/03/09: 3 Archbishop's(neuting) + 3 Apostle's + High priest + around 6 frigates. Killing the High priest spawned Uthius, 4 Uthius Disciple's and 8 frigates. Killing Uthius popped up a dead end message. High priest dropped garbage, Uthius dropped C-type Armor Explosive Hardener. Confirming the obnoxious nature of Uthius, hits damn hard 200km away.

Trip Report: 10/27/09: Killing priest spawned the Uthius spawn, HP and Uthius both dropped a tag and T1 loot. Fuck goons. Killing Uthius gave end of chain message.

Trip Report: 10/28/09: Killing priest spawned the Uthius spawn (Dark Templar Uthius, 3 renamed BS and 8 frigates), High Priest dropped nothing and Uthius dropped a tag and T1 loot. Fuck goons. Computer crashed when Dark Templar Uthius and my geddon were both entering structure, logged back in to find half of geddons low slots burned due to overheating and Uthius dead. So no idea of any messages.

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