Blood Provincial HQ

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Blood Provincial HQ
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Some
Gated Some
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Corpus X-Type
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High-end Blood Raider escalation complex.


You warp to an acceleration gate.

First room

You land right on the acceleration gate into next room in the middle of approx:

  • 12 battleships (3 Popes, 9 Cardinals)
  • 10 HACs
  • 10 frigates (the elder worshippers scram)

Everything is within 50km of warpin so you will need a huge tank or enough DPS to fly swat the frigates and let the initial tank warp off immediately.

Shooting the Gate Security Centre triggers the second spawn consisting of:

  • 9 battleships (One of which is the Gate Guardian)
  • 2 HACs
  • 10 frigates (scram/web)

The Blood Gate Guardian drops nothing special while the Gate Security Centre drops a bunch of trade goods (enriched uranium, slaves etc).

This is only accurate IF you do NOT kill the Gate Security Centre...

In order to use the next gate, each participating ship must have a Dark Blood Crystal Tag - not a regular tag - in inventory (eaten on warp - make sure to have multiples.)

Second room

Acceleration gates lands you in amongst:

  • 5 battleships
  • 3 frigates
  • 3 HACS
  • 3 siege beam laser batteries

There's also the 'Arena Sentinel' outpost (webs immediately upon 25 km warpin - if it's like the other sentinels, its range is 50km) and shoots paradise cruise missiles). Aggressing the Arena Sentinel spawns:

  • 10 battleships
  • 10 neuting cruisers

The Arena Sentinel has ridiculously fast shield and armor regen. Getting the Sentinel to 30% structure triggers the final spawn consisting of:

  • 7 battleships
  • 4 cruisers
  • 3 frigates
  • 1 Dark Blood Patriarch.

Chance of escalation after killing the Sentinel.

The sentinel tanks about 1000 dps if it's repping. Any more than that will slowly chew up its substantial structure.

05/10/09 Structure repped at 62km

Authors note: If the Sentinel is like other outposts and regens armor based on missiles hits you may be able to speed-tank the cruise missiles and avoid the armor regen. It didn't look like the armor regen was connected to the missile strikes but I could be wrong.

Trip Report: (07/02/09) Dropped DB Large Armor Repairer, DB Heavy Neut, DB Adaptive Nano Plating. Arena Sentinel dropped nothing.
Trip Report: (07/04/09) Dropped DB Armor Hardeners. Escalated 5x, eventually dropping a DB heavy neut.
Trip Report: (13/09/09) Escalated after killing the DB battleship, not the Sentinel.
Trip Report: (21/01/10) Escalated after killing DB BS...14 jumps away :wtc: The escalation went from H74- to UEXO-Z.

Fountain of Youth (part 1)

First room

You warp in right on top of the gate to the second room and about 20km away from:

  • 8 battleships
  • 3 cruisers
  • 3 frigates
  • 1 Dark Blood Patriarch

Second room

You warp in about 80km away from a couple of spy drones and a bunch of storage silos. You receive a local message: Cura Gigno: Good to see you decided to come. I can not promise you any payment if you take on these Blood Raider bases, but you will earn fame among the locals and the fortune the Bloods leave behind. I'm going to send a couple of my spy drones to see if the Blood Raiders are still where they were yesterday.

The spy drones disappear and a few seconds later you receive a pop-up for the next escalation or dead-end. You don't need to destroy any of the silos.

4/8/09 I have gotten the escalation to this part twice now. Both times I warp to the escalation and it drops me right out on Cura Gigno. He gives me that same message in the local, and then nothing happens. No escalation or dead-end messages, no rats, nothing. Bugged possibly?

29/06/09: Interesting thing happened in this one. I was providing a warpin to the initial room for the tank in my pod. I went back to get my BS, warped to the tank and I ended up in the second room not the first as I was expecting. The site escalated before we had killed a single thing.

12/08/09: Site dead ended after killing the Dark Blood Battleship on the gate.

13/09/09: Escalated after killing DB Battleship. Took gate for laughs, Silos took 0 damage when shot.

09/15/09: Seemed to get a positive escalation message after killing the DB BS but nothing showed in the journal. Took the gate to Cura Gigno where he said his standard message and still nothing, even when we approached him. edit: obligatory fuck ccp.

10/08/09: No DBBS on inital warpin. Took the gate and got the message in local then nothing yay!

21/01/10: Insta-killed DB BS, got escalation.

Fountain of Youth (part 2)

Site is not gated and not deadspace.

You warp into:

  • 20 battleships (1 Dark Blood Patriarch)
  • 6 blood cruise batteries
  • 15 frigates

Each cruise battery unleashes a grid-wide blast wave of about 5k EM damage when destroyed (does not affect drones or pods). You may want to get your priest out first, my priest dominix (t2 DC tank) was taken to 31% structure by the time they were all dead.

Chance of escalation on killing the Blood Control Centre. It's a large collidable structure and is not tanked.

26/06/09: Site escalated on the death of the DB spawn, we left the control center alone and killed the DB lst of all the BS. Be really careful of the cruise battery EM blast, we came very close to a few comedy killmails when some drones got loose and started in on the cruise batteries. The damage looked to be in 2 batches of between 2.5 and 3k per battery destroyed and did not seem to be mitigated by resists (my apoc took the same amount of shield and armour damage). There is no good reason to kill these batteries, just tank the damage and warp out when you're done.

21/01/10: Insta-popped DB BS on warp-in, site escalated. Alas, my somewhat undertanked lead BS managed to be scrammed and lose 2/3 armor before my priest could warp in and wound up dead. This room starts off with more DPS than any other plex without a torpedo in it - use a super tanked abaddon or better.

Fountain of Youth (part 3)

Site is not gated and not deadspace.

You warp in to:

  • 10 battleships (1 Dark Blood Cardinal)
  • 3 cruisers
  • 2 frigs
  • 2 siege beam laser sentries
  • 2 stasis towers
  • 1 blood defense outpost (webs and shoots paradise cruise missiles).

Shooting the outpost causes the same as above (minus the DB BS) to spawn approx 100km away. The outpost has ridiculous shield and armor regen. It's possible to kill it with 2 battleships but it takes forever.

Possibility of escalation once the outpost is destroyed.

26/06/09: Site escalated on the death of the DB spawn, we left the outpost alone and killed the DB last of all the BS.

22/01/10: Everything (10 BS, 6 tracking/neuting BCs, 1 frig in my esc) is in 4 groups 120km from warpin and insta-aggros on the lead BS. The outpost is the same as the one in the 6/10, except its cruise missile range is larger. The stasis towers have a grid-wide range, so a beam BS (or a carrier) is recommended.

Fountain of Youth (part 4)

Site is not gated and not deadspace. If you have a carrier this is probably fairly easy. If not, see below:

You warp into:

  • 15 Battleships
  • 3 cruisers
  • 4 scram/webbing frigs
  • 5 siege beam laser sentries
  • 5 siege beam pulse sentries
  • 2 stasis towers
  • A bunch of normal frigs

All of these are in small groups around the guns and towers, which are about 80-120km+ away, with a core group of cruisers and frigs about 50km off. Be very careful with aggro as once you move away from the warpin, not all the guns can target the tank, and the rest can and will find your drones and priests. You'll need about 4-5 remote reps on a very well tanked BS to handle this and multiple priests are strongly recommended. Fortunately, although the stasis towers are grid-wide, they die in 2 hits.

There's also a Blood Raider Military Outpost (just a regular structure.) This structure is 210km away. You can warp to it, but when you do, all the guns that you've probably decided to ignore will lose lock and decide to shoot your priests instead, so don't do this. At any rate, shooting it causes another wave of 15 Battleships, 10 HACs, and Scram/Webbing frigs to spawn immediately on top of it (they have weird aggro so if you warp out and back in it's possible to kite them). Taking all of this out and getting the outpost to 40-60% structure causes the overseer(High Ritualist Alvin) to spawn with 10 webbing drones. Alvin hits quite hard at point blank and tanks about 700 DPS, but does not repair a huge amount - 1 T2 BS + 1 extra set of drones from a guardian is enough. Note that he spawns directly on top of the structure and it's possible for your ship(s) to get stuck on it and get out of rep range (RIP guardian, you will be missed).

Original loot report: He dropped a Corpus X-Type Armor Explosive Hardener, and Tags/Ammo.

29/06/09: Previous part escalated to the north end of fucking Fountain, something like 8-10 jumps from part 3.

13/09/09: Stasis towers die in one hit. The siege beam lasers hit to around 250km. The BS and Overseer waves appear right on the outpost.

30/09/09: Overseer kites at 50km, 700 DPS broke his tank, ran with a 7x LRAR priest and MP abaddon, recommend you bring multiple dps ships to complete in a timely fashion.

22/01/10: Updated final esc for accuracy. Alvin dropped a Corpus X-type EM Hardener, Corpus X-Type Heavy Nosferatu, DB heavy neut, DB RCU, DB EM hardener, and tags/ammo. He also salvaged into 10 micro circuits. The structure dropped nothing, not even trade goods.

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