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Blood Raider exploration complex.

Initial site

Blood Hub
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites  ?
Deadspace  ?
Gated  ?
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type
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Warping to this signature results in no pop-up.

The site is neither deadspace or gated. Rats spawn around a Blood Raider shipyard.

This isn't the only kind of Blood hub. The ones I've found have been smaller, with only sentry towers and BC's/frigs in the first wave, 1-2 Apostles in the middle, 2-3 Oracles at the end and different flavor text. The DB battleship at the end is an Apostle, and may or may not spawn after the Oracles are dead.

Have not seen the site described below - all Hubs I have seen are 4 Sentry Towers with Destroyers and Cruisers, with larger ships arriving in later waves. Kill the towers first - they have really good tracking and decent damage, and they go down in a couple hits.

I ran two of these sites in a row, and saw both the one with BS and the one without. Looks like there's two separate Hub sites!

First Wave:

  • 2x Blood Cruise Missle Battery
  • 2x Blood Heavy Missile Battery
  • 2x Tower Sentry Bloodraider II
  • 2x Corpus Oracle battleships
  • 3x Corpum Shadow Sage cruisers

Battlegroup Commander: Assume attack formation, all hands to battlestations!

Second Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Oracle battleships
  • 3x Corpior Devoter destroyers

More units join the battle!

Third Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Apostle battleships
  • 3x Corpii Diviner frigates

A large attack wing of Battlecruisers, with Battleship support, joins the fray!

Fourth Wave:

  • 2x Corpus Apostle battleships
  • 4x Corpatis Seer battlecruisers

The Battlegroup Commander finally shows himself.

Fifth Wave: (Rarily)

Trip Reports

Trip report, 9/5/09 : This site escalated to Crimson Hand Supply Depot (6/10) after the 5th wave.

Trip report, 14/09/09 : Ran this site twice in an AC Hurricane, with middling skills. Had to warp out a couple of times to repair/recoup, but still soloable. Waves start with cruisers and destroyers, moving up to BCs and BSes later. No DB spawn or escalation yet.

Trip report, 9/10/09: Ran this, 4th wave came and went, no DB spawn or anything, fuck goons

Trip report, 10/16/09: Ran this twice today (popped up in the same system two times). The first one followed the spawns listed here but did not spawn the DB BS. The second one had completely different spawn lists and had the commander hurf blurfing in local about how they couldn't lose the site, then finally spawned the DB BS at the end. v0v Also, it was a Dark Blood Apostle.

Trip report, 10/16/09: Ran this with a pulse Harbinger and an Exequror Priest. Easy run. No DB spawn, fuck goons.

Trip report, 11/2/09: Ran with a Raven, escalated to Crimson Hand Supply Depot (6/10) after forth wave.

Trip report, 11/24/09: Pulse Apoc, DB apostle spawned in 5th wave; tags and ammmo. fuckgoons

Trip Report, 12/6/09: Ran it, DB Archbishop spawned on last wave, no escalation. Tags, DB UV, DB Armor Kinetic Hardener, DB Heavy Capacitor Booster, DB Heat Sink, DB RCU, some best named stuff. :toot:

Trip Report, 12/16/09: Ran it, no DB, no escalation, fuck CCP.

Trip Report, 01/14/10: Ran it, no DB, escalation 5 systems away.

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