Angel Provincial HQ

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Angel Provincial HQ
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace 1st and 2nd site only
Gated 1st and 2nd site only
Probe signature ~0.05 with quests
Loot type Gist X-Type
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The hardest Angel exploration site; final stage is considerably harder than the 10/10 DED complex. If you have a carrier available you might want to use it for the final three stages.


First room

First gate leads into a room with 7 Angel BS and numerous Angel HACs. Four of the BS are named "Gist Arena Guardian". These will cause additional rats to spawn when shot, so take them last, and clear the newly-spawned rats before moving on to the next Arena Guardian. Each one triggers an additional spawn. The final rat is a "Gist Gate Guardian". Killing him opens the acceleration gate into room two.

Warning: be careful with the first room, 20 angel HACs instantly aggro in their optimals and you are scrambled. There are a ton of fucking "wall" objects that make loading the grid take forever. Make sure your tank is active and warp your priest in fast - I ran this with a tank raven and a priest domininx. Upon warping the raven in I instantly attracted all aggro, and was reduced to 1/3 armor in approx 20 seconds until my priest got in. - Benvolio

I ran this on 9/10/08 and didn't get scrambled by any of the cruisers. I used a Raven (Active tank for use while support warped in), Scimitar and Priest Domi - Trzzbk

Ran this on 12/25/08 using a Sleipnir with Basilisk support. Didn't research the complex beforehand so tank was a bit thin (DC II, Invul II, Lg Booster II, Lg Extender II) - went into the first room, was scrambled immediately, and dropped to around 600/5300 armor by the time the Basilisk was in and rep was active. Be sure to have high Explosive resists - rats used Devastators/Havocs/Piranhas at range. - Roco

Second room

In the second room you will find two unarmed Angel Battlestations guarded by 4 siege autocannon sentries (dreadnought-size autocannon turrets), 4 Gist Seraphims, and several scrambling frigates. Shooting a battlestation will cause the final spawn to appear - a Domination battleship named Gist Militant Overseer, 8 HACs, 2 siege artillery sentries, and several scrambling frigates. The Domination battleship drops the usual Angel domination crap; total bounty for both rooms is about 40m. The Battlestations do not drop anything worthwhile.

I completed this site using a tank battleship plus a remote rep battleship. Total incoming DPS is about 1000, with the first room being more difficult than the second.

This site can escalate to another site called "Special Forces". Killing the Gist Militant Overseer triggers the escalation; you do not need to blow up the Angel battlestations (thank CCP for small favors).

NOTE: The Siege Artillery Batteries use the models of POS Lasers. I don't know if that means they do EM/Therm damage, but based on the speed they absolutely melted the Raven I was using to tank this, I wouldn't be surprised. I went back and ran it with a Damnation as tank, and while he tanked fine, he commented that he'd "never seen his shields disappear that quickly." -Trzzbk

Ran a stronger tank for the second room - added a Photon Scat II and second Invul II to the Sleipnir - cleared out the siege cannons and scrambler frigs, then swapped to a Maelstrom (with essentially the same tank setup except swapping the Photon Scat II for an Explosion Damp II) to take out the BS rats which stay at 39km out. This actually went very smoothly - two lg shield/one lg cap rep from the Basilisk was plenty and neither ship was ever in danger. - Roco

First escalation: Special Forces (Part 1)

You warp in to land on a gate guarded by:

  • 7 Gist Seraphim
  • 1 12m bounty Domination Cherubim
  • Assorted support

Activating the gate leads you into a room with a bunch of large collidable objects/structures and a non-interactable NPC, upon warping in you should be escalated right away (or get a dead end message).

Local Message:

  • Message > Kaerleiks Bjorn: Good to see you decided to come. I can not promise you any payment if you take on these Angel bases, but you will earn fame among the locals and the fortune the Angels leave behind. I'm going to send a couple of my spy drones to see if the Angels are still where they were yesterday.

Second escalation: Special Forces (Part 2)

Site is not gated and not deadspace.

You warp in to the middle of ~20 Cherubim and Seraphim, one high end Domination spawn, and a handful of scrambling frigs and HACs. Obviously the DPS from all of these is brutal, so if you're not confident in your tank you may want to kite the site by warping in a pod and warping to at 100km.

Warning: Upon popping the cruise missile batteries, they put out a single grid-wide smartbomb each (it doesn't hit pods and drones though). Wasn't paying attention and it toasted my single-LSE, non-hardened Scimitar (15.5k effective HP) in 2 blasts.

Local Message:

  • Message > Kaerleiks Bjorn: We sure showed them! I'm actually starting to think I'll become a fighter some day. Will you teach me? Maybe after we're done ...

Killing the Amarr Control Center (POS control tower) triggers the next escalation.

Other notes

October 30 run: Easily tanked by a Moros with a kinetic, explosive and kinetic hardener with 2 EANM.

Third escalation: Special Forces (Part 3)

Site is not gated and not deadspace.

~12 Cherubims and Seraphims on warp in with one domination BS, ~10 Scrambling frigs and ~8 HACS. Additionally, there are two stasis webification batteries, two siege autocannon batteries, and a angel military outpost that shoots doom citadel torpedoes (explosive damage). Be very very careful on warp in as it is possible to be scrambled before even fully loading the grid. Slightly less DPS than the previous step, but a dedicated priest ship is definitely necessary.

Outpost should be attacked last as once it starts taking damage two new spawns occur ~100km on either side of the outpost with ~12 BSes, ~8 scrambling frigs, ~4 HACs. The outpost has ridiculous shield and armor regen, and takes 3 or so DPS battleships to kill. Upon killing the outpost you can get escalated again.

Other notes

March 20 Run: Two torp ravens and a cruise Typhoon were required to bring the station down. HOWEVER, you can bypass the armor tanking thing by having your tank ship burn out to 250km. The station's torps will no longer cause armor regeneration but it still has crazy shield regen.

October 30 run: Station quickly taken down and spawns easily tanked by a sieged Moros.

2008-12-24: torp raven + cruise raven (tank, close range) + armageddon took down the tank in about 20 minutes.

2009-01-21: Station taken down pretty easily by a torp raven + blaster domi, with a newbie alt orbiting at 220km speed-tanking the station and thereby bypassing armor regen.

Final escalation: Special Forces (Part 4)

The final room is not gated and not deadspace, and has the following in it:

  • 2 Stasis Webification Batteries
  • 16 Destroyer rats
  • 2 HAC rats
  • 11 Gist Cherubim battleships
  • 9 Gist Seraphim battleships
  • 10 Siege Autocannon batteries

They seem to be in five groups of two battleships and two frigates guarding the Siege Autocannon Batteries in two lines leading up to a sideways Gallente station titled "Angel Military Outpost". The warpin point is about 60km from the closest BS. The site is hard but possible to tank in a highend BS (all tank, rigs, T2 gear) with a lot (10+) of remote-reps on it (I've done it in a Rokh assisted by three priest Dominixes), or you could drop a carrier into it since it's not gated.

Upon attacking the outpost, another 10-15 battleships and assorted support spawns. After clearing this wave, shoot the station again until it goes into low structure; when it does the overseer and around 10 webbing frigates will spawn. The overseer is called Einhas Malak - 30 million ISK bounty and drops Gist X-Type loot. Warning: The overseer does extreme DPS; when we ran this site he killed a lot of drones and took one of our lightly tanked priest Dominixes into half armor before it could warp out, before finally aggroing the tank. He also loves to aggro fighters and can, in fact, one-shot them.

Nothing dropped from killing the Angel Military Outpost but you do get a dead end popup when blowing it up.

Local spam:

  • Message > Einhas Malak: So we meet at last. You are most likely the one that has been disrupting our operations recently. I must say, I'm impressed with your ability to crush my subordinates. But taking on me is an entirely different matter.
  • Since you've done so well for yourself, I'll give you the comforting knowledge that your body will be sent to your family in one piece. And if you have any close relatives that show promise in the space-combat business, I'll make sure to offer them a place at my side.
  • Message > Clouds of electric gas spurt from the stations hull as it is quickly falling apart.
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