Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard

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Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard
Type DED complex (10/10)
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature ~ 0.015
Loot type Gist X-Type, overseer effects
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The Angel 10/10. Pretty straightforward complex. No timed spawns, no smartbombing structures, no huge DPS overseers. Protip, turn on overseer's structures on your overview; in this plex there are some of them that drop overseer effects.

Note: to enter this complex you need Electronics V and Warp Drive Operation III. Skills that everyone should have, but it's worth noting.


Gate 80km away. 16 BS (2xThrone, 6x Seraphim, 6x Cherubim), 10 destroyers, 2 battlecruisers, 4 stasis towers and 6 cruise missile batteries.

Overseer is the Purple Particle Research Patrol, it will kite at 66km and shoots EM torps (drops 19th Tier Overseer's effects).

Room has pretty nasty DPS, watch out (I needed a Basilisk and a Dominix to keep my Raven alive), but if you can tank this room, the rest is easy since the first room is actually the hardest.

Second Room

6 BS (4x Throne, Cherubim and the Overseer BS), 12 BC, 10 destroyers, 8 sentry towers.

DPS isn't as bad as in the first room, gate is 40km from the warpin. General Hixous Puxley kites at 46km, shoots EM torps and drops 20th Tier Overseer's effects.

Third Room

7 BS (3x Cherubim & Seraphim, 1x Overseer BS), 7 BC, 10 destroyers, 6 stasis towers, 6 cruise missile batteries, 6 sentry towers. Gate is 50km from the warpin.

The "Docked & Loaded Mammoth" structure tanks pretty hard and drops 21st Tier Overseer's effects; the Supply Headman BS drops 21st Tier Overseer's effects as well.

Fourth Room

8 BS (4x Cherubim & 4x Seraphim), 10 BC, 10 destroyer, 2 cruise missile batteries, 2 stasis towers.

The "Megatron under frantic repair" structure drops 22nd Tier Overseer's effects

Final Room

10 BS (9x Seraphim, Overseer BS), 16 BC, 4 destroyer, 4 stasis towers.

The Antimatter Channeler does a huge amount of damage every 60 seconds and drops 23rd Tier Overseer's effects as well as (potentially) Gist X-Type loot.

Loot Examples

Run 03 Nov 2008: Gist X-Type 100MN AB, Shield Boost Amp and Photon Scattering Field.

Run 12 Dec 2008: Overseer Effects, Domi 1200 Artillery, no Gist loot:(

Run 24 Dec 2008: 23rd Overseers effects, no Gist x-type loot fffffffffff,

Run 06 April 2010: 23rd Overseers Effects, no Gist loot :(

8/22/2010: 21st/23rd OSE, Gist X-Type 100MN MWD, Gist X-Type Shield Boost Amp, Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster, Gist X-Type Heat Dissipation Field, Gist X-Type Explossion Dampening Field

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