Pristine Blood Raider Ship Remnants

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This magnetometric salvaging site's a little different. There's nothing on warpin; everything spawns when a container (1 Ruins, 2 Remains, 2 Derelicts, and 1 Hulk) is opened, instead. You must kill the spawns before you are able to recover from the salvaged cans. The spawns:

Blood Ruins: 2 BS (oracles), 1 frig

Blood Derelict 1: 3 BS (monsignors), 3 frigs (scram/web)

Blood Derelict 2: nothing

Blood Remains 1: nothing

Blood Remains 2: nothing

Blood Hulk: 3 BC's (neuters), 3 cruisers

Despite the names, everything opens with salvagers, not analyzers. The loot is in line with other pristine sites (more T2 than usual - one container had 5 cap consoles, 1 power circuit and a bunch of T1.)

Trip Report, 09/23/2009: Ran this twice in a Hurricane with a buddy in a Vexor for salvaging and drone support. Very easy, but gave little salvage, maybe 10 mill each time (if that). Hardly worth the time. Maybe only good if you get lucky with T2 salvage.

Trip Report 9/23/09: Ran it in a Drake. Had to bail when the Monsignors spawned and when I got back, it despawned. A bit of salvage, and half the containers were empty.

Trip Report, 10/27/2009: Ran this solo in a Harby. Toughest spawn was 3 webbing frigs and 3 non-neuting Monsignors, tanked it with a bit of difficulty, but didn't have to bail. Total salvage was huge - roughly 75M including rat salvage. 8(!) intact Cap Consoles were the main prize.