Serpentis Military Complex

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Serpentis Military Complex
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Corpus A-Type
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Warning: this is NOT your momma's Blood Military Complex and can and will kill your uber-tanked main tank if you're not careful.


First room

You land 20 km away from the next gate. There are 3 groups of 2-3 BS and some cruisers/frigates gathered around about eight sentry turrets 20-50km from you. Half the BS orbit at 50km, half at 6km. Some of the frigates sensor damp. Nothing too special, although you will have to burn between groups to kill them in a reasonable time.

There is a gate unlocking structure near the acceleration gate into room 2. Oddly, you do not need to kill it to use the next gate, nor does it require a tag or anything of that nature - it may even be possible to just run to the gate and use it. Shooting it once spawns another 4-5 BS + support, evenly split between where the 3 original groups spawned. Killing it does nothing.

On a followup visit, I confirmed it's possible to just go straight for the gate and skip the whole room.

Second room

You land on grid with 1 cruise missile battery, 6 BS (again, split between far and close range), 3 cruisers and 3 webbing/scramming frigs. A minute or so later, another group appears. Other groups appear from the pleasure dome structures (it's probably possible to stop them by blowing the structures up) for a total of 6 waves. The final tally is something like 23 BS, 13 frigates and about 11 cruisers. A triple trimarked, double plated abaddon with 2 active hardeners of each type and a DC being supported by 2 remote reps needed to warp out 3 times before finishing this room off from a full spawn. No faction BS observed.

There is also a structure labeled "Serpentis Control Tower". I shot it after everything else was dead, it died in 3 hits and gave me an escalation into an Ev0ke station system :welp:

It may be possible to ninja this room just like the last by simply shooting the control tower and getting out.

First Escalation

You warp in on top of the acceleration gate. There are 4 BS, a few frigates and cruisers within 10 km of you. Kill the Shadow Serpentis BS, or, if it's in an Ev0ke station system and you're using a t1 cruiser to ninja the plex, just take the gate. Taking the gate lands you on top of a single cruiser. Killing it starts the next escalation. Warning: this took me from 9-4 all the way into Fade, 10 jumps away.

Second Escalation

You warp in anywhere from on top of to 40km from 11-12 BS and 14 cruisers, which are in several groups around two rows of bunkers, walls, etc. just like in the original plex. There is also a "Control Tower" structure and a "Serpentis Stronghold" structure. 3-4 BS are close range, the rest are far.

Killing the control tower does nothing, but attacking the stronghold spawns 8 CM batteries, 4 sensor dampening cruisers, 3 long range BS and a faction BS all around the structure. Killing that BS triggers another escalation. In my case it was straight into Mostly Harmless' dead end station constellation in Fade so that really is the end of this story vOv

Trip Reports

2/8/10: second escalation BS dropped tags, faction ammo, thermic plating, energized reactive membrane, thermic hardener, and an SS 100mn MWD :woot: