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Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated First site only
Probe signature 0.100 (approx)
Loot type T2 salvage
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A drone complex. Initial site is difficult but possible to solo in a well tanked Raven. As with all drone complexes you get absolutely nothing except for a few T2 salvage parts from the first four sites; the payout is in the final site where a Hive Mother rat drops a few hundred million's worth of T2 salvage. Every single part of this chain can be run solo with a Raven if you kite them.


Initial site

The first room is easy; it spawns a few waves of frigates and cruisers. There's about 15 ships at warp-in and another 2-3 waves when you approach the gate (it's 60km out and they trigger about 20km off.) Nothing spectacular.

The second room has another 15 drones or so (frigs and cruisers - a few frigs stasis web) and a half dozen heavy and cruise missile batteries right on top of the warpin. Take any stasis webbers out and immediately focus on the missile batteries, since they're most of the DPS here, before going through the rest. After you kill everything, look for two groups of (collidable object) leaking containers. The first group on the left doesn't trigger anything, but going near the second group spawns nukers and some other small drones, about 2-3 waves' worth. After killing these, look for another collidable object, a warning sign. Bumping into that results in 2-3 more waves of small drones, and then two battleship spawns of 3-4 BS each, including a faction drone (Sentient). Every single thing here spawns within 20km or closer and all of the battleships will appear right on top of your head, so if you are solo, you either need to have the cap to MWD out to kiting range or pop out once or twice for repairs.

Killing the sentient drone gives you a chance for an escalation. Do not warp out without looting this drone as the site vanishes when you kill it.

The message 'On board computer: Drone Distress Signal received, message is coded.' will appear if the site did not escalate. It will still say it in the case of an escalation but a pop-up will appear with more information.

Edit: Ran this on 8/9/09, there were no leaking containers; after killing the initial spawn in the second room the group with the sentient drone (3 BC, 2 BS, and the Sentient BS drone) immediately spawned. Killing the Sentient drone gave me the escalation.

Edit: The initial bunch of little frigs may warp and scramble - can lose a prober if too curious and without ECM burst...

Edit: I got the Sentient in the third wave, but the escalation chance didn't happen until the final wave was dead.

Edit: I got the Sentient in the second wave (left leakers), but the escalation chance didn't happen until the final wave was dead (right leakers).

First escalation: Molting Season (part 1)

Site is not gated. On warpin, spawns about 20 small drones (I counted 14 cruisers + 6 frigs), 4 Swarm Preserver Alvus, and 1 Sentient Domination Alvus. 2nd wave spawn included four Alvus Queen's and about 7 more small drones. They all jump you right away, so make sure you can tank it. Normal drone droppings, except the sentient domination alvus. It dropped 6 T2 Tangled Circuits, and 2 T2 Logic Circuits. Note: some of the frigs warp scramble.

The site can escalate again upon killing most of the rats.

Second escalation: Molting Season (part 2)

Not gated, not deadspace. On warpin there is about 10 drone frigates/cruisers that aggro right away. After a minute or so, another 10 or so spawn, and a minute after that a further spawn of four Alvus Queens (battleships) and a sentient drone BS (drops faction drone components and salvages into T2 rig parts). On killing the battleships, another wave of frigs and cruisers spawn. I didn't notice any scrambling rats but you do get webbed EDIT: Ran this on 9/12/08 and got scrambled by a Strain Render Alvi. Make sure your spacepriest is decently tanked because there's no way to make sure that the waves aggro on the tank. Site is not soloable in a single BS (but can be done with one spacepriest and one tank), but as it is ungated you could drop a carrier into it if you were so inclined. Alternatively you can do it with a kiting cruise Raven by setting up a few 100km warpins with your pod; then it should be soloable.

This one triggered an escalation for me when the sentient died, with a few others still on grid. Theoretically, you could probably solo this in any decent ship by warping to the site in a pod, bookmarking, coming back at 50km, killing the sentient BS first and warping out.

Third escalation: Molting Season (part 3)

Not gated, not deadspace. Much like the previous part, there's about 10 frigs/cruisers on the warpin point. One minute later, the site spawns two more waves of about 10 more smaller ships plus 4 battleships. Killing the battleships only spawns about eight BC's + frigs, but killing off the small stuff spawns another dozen small fry, a faction drone BS and 6 more drone BS. The escalation triggers when you kill the last of those six battleships. Can be done with a BS + priest or with a kiting longrange BS, like the previous site.

I managed to solo this in a well tanked duel-rep dominix.

Final escalation: Molting Season (part 4)

Upon warping to the site (no gate, just like the previous escalation steps), you get a message about it being a dead end. There are about 5 battleships and 10 odd support that aggros immediately, and within a minute or so further waves of ships spawn, up to a total of 10 battleships and about 20 frigates and cruisers. Killing most of the rats spawns more support waves, but no more battleships. One of the battleships is a "Radiant Hive Mother" which drops a ton of T2 salvage. Aggro that one after killing off everything else.

We ran this site with two spacepriest Dominixes with 4 shield transporters each, with a Raven as the tank. I wouldn't recommend doing it with less than two priest ships as every wave after the first can and most likely will aggro the wrong ship, or your drones.

Tip: Warp a carrier onto the site after spawning all the waves in a pod.

This is perfectly doable with the cap stable dual rep complex dominix and a 3xLarge rep Oneiros on space priest duty. The drones won't aggro you if you're 70km on the opposite side of the tank. Radiant Hive Mother dropped approx 330 mil in T2 rig parts for me.

This drop: was worth about 240m

Here's another drop: worth about 230


Don't warp out, i lost the bookmark when doing this. I salvaged and looted every drop from the first 4 parts of this (didn't escalate for the finale :arg:) and here's the meager results*:

  • This is pre-Dominion's revamp of loot tables, may be different after December 1st, 2009.

1.8m Trit, 500k Pyer, 150k Mex, 100k Iso, 50k Nox, 5k Zyd, 1k Mega, 150 Morph = ~26.5m in minerals, ~5.5m in base salvage materials, and ~50m for the T2 salvage materials. The drone components are more difficult to value, as there doesn't appear to be any "real" market for them at all. Visual on the salvage parts.

  • If the previous posts on salvage from the final site holds, this entire string is worth ~450m if you loot all sites.