Pirate Hideout (Dirty-Hippy)

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Pirate Hideout (Dirty-Hippy)
Type COSMOS hacking/booster
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Radar
Loot type Booster production-related
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This type of site is hard to find, but it can be found in any type of system (non-Cosmos). It is however much more likely to spawn in the COSMOS constellations.

You will know you found the site when a pop-up window will appear talking about a Pirate Hideout:

"The local pirates have taken an interest in the recently discovered gas clouds and the possibilities they offer for the booster industry. They've set themselves up here, engaging in various activities. Resistance is bound to be heavy, but the rewards promise to be great. Especially for those skilled in hacking mainframes, for the pirates are storing all kinds of information and data here, particularly regarding the booster industry." Pop-Up Window

To run this site you need a minimum of four people (1 Tank, 1 Repper, and 2 DPS) and all of them need the skill Hacking I or they will be locked out of the gates.


Room 1

  • 5 Frigates (scrambling), 20 Battle Cruisers, 8 Battleships

You don't need to kill all the Battle Cruisers to use the next gate. Take the Angel Saloon gate (the gate on the left). Picture of room 1

Room 2

  • 3 Frigates, 6 Battle Cruisers, 4 Battleships
  • 6 Com Relay containers (hackable)

One of the rats will drop a Privileged Guest Pass. Have your tank take this item since he will need it for the Room 4 gate.

Take the Inner Court gate.

Room 3

  • 10 Frigates (scrambling), 10 Battle Cruisers, 8 Battleships
  • 6 Gadget Gasket containers (hackable)

Take the Inner Court gate. This gate may be timed, so have your tank (with the Privileged Guest Pass) warp in to get aggro as fast as possible so the team can warp in. The gate will be open for 30 seconds after the tank has activated it, then it will lock again. There will be tons of scrambling frigates in Room 4.

Room 4

  • 25 Frigates (scrambling), 8 Battle Cruisers, 4 Battleships
  • 5 Novelty Box containers (hackable)


Decent Loot (except the Booster Pack, that's crap)

  • 4 Standard Sooth Sayer Booster Blueprint BPCs
  • 2 Improved Sooth Sayer Booster Blueprint BPCs
  • 1 Improved Sooth Sayer Booster Reaction

Comedy Loot

  • 2 Booster Packs
  • 2 Flower Power Powder
  • 1 Swirling Color-Cards
  • 1 Free Sample
  • 1 Divine Opium
  • 1 Test Bong
  • 3 Pillaging 101
  • 1 Navigation for Dummies
  • 1 Sweet Leaves
  • 1 Purple Haze
  • 1 Seasoned Dandruff