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Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown ~ 0.8 strength
Loot type T2 salvage
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Drone complex. Payout is in drone alloys, which can be worth a lot if you're willing to haul. The real payout, however, is in the T2 salvage you will get off of the overseer. As of 10/4/08, the overseer dropped 9 power circuits (about 45-54 million depending on sell order price). As a general rule, don't bother collecting the alloys from anything but BC wrecks and above, it'll save you a ton of time and volume in your cargo hold at a trivial cost to you.


Initial site

The site has two rooms; the first has about 20 frigs and cruisers and is very easy. A second spawn of about 10 sub-BC ships appears when you approach the acceleration gate.

The second room has 3 BS, ~15 swarming frigates and some cruisers (arranged in three groups) when you warp in; each of these groups seem to aggro separately. Pack a smartbomb or two to deal with the frigs (some warp scramble). After you kill most of the ships, you get a second spawn of about 10 BS (one faction) plus some support. After you kill those, you get a further 5-6 BS plus support, and after killing those you should get a message that tells you whether the site escalated or not. The message "independence lost" seems to indicate that it didn't escalate. If it does escalate you'll get a big obvious popup so you can't miss it.

It's possible to solo the site in a well-fitted BS, but watch out for the scrambling frigates.

March 13 - Ran this site in Delve and it's changed a tiny bit since Apocrypha. The first group in the entry room 100% aggro'd and burned to within 5km of me. A single named smartbomb took them out. The second group spawned after the first group died and seemed to stay in place despite aggro. Third group spawns when you get in proximity of the gate and consists of a couple of BC and frigates. This group of frigates stays 9.6km out.

The second room does not auto aggro. It has 5 BC, 10 frigates, and 3 BS to start. Kill everything but the Sentient spawn. When it takes damage a second wave of about 5 BS and support shows up and they deal a good amount of DPS. You'll need to use the smartbomb to clear the three or four tackling frigates. They spawn between the Independence LCO and where the BC first spawned, so try to stay away from that area. They do enough short-range DPS that you'll probably need to warp out if they spawn on top of you. You can take them all out easily by kiting. Before I was done killing the last of the drones, I got the message, "Drone Signal: Independence Lost." so your escalation is decided before you actually finish killing things. ~Andrea Solaris.

First escalation: The Russian Roulette (part 1)

The first escalation led to a ungated site with around 15-20 frigs and cruisers and a Sentinent Alvi Spearhead spawn. After killing one of the frigates the site escalated. Easily soloable.

Update 05/17 2008: NOT EASILY SOLOABLE. I was at 60% armor before my priest arrived, with a heavy resist tank and a gisti c-type x-large booster fitted to my Raven. The info above is generally correct except for the apparent addition of half a dozen cruise batteries. Some of the frigate drones hit exceptionally hard (they really add up), and there were points on me. Do this with a priest. I did it with a Basilisk on an alt.

Second escalation: The Russian Roulette (part 2)

This escalation was a dead end warping in straight into a enormous drone hive with 4 battleships and several large waves of frigates and cruisers and some missile batteries. There was no sentinent spawn or a hive queen, and nothing happened upon blowing up the hive. There were scramblers around but a raven + shieldpriest dominix did fine.

Update: There was a sentient spawn when I went through this escalation, but no hive queen and it did not escalate.


The site can escalate further to part 3 and 4; if you do get the further escalations all the way part 2 and 3 will be much like part 1, except the escalation trigger for part 3 is finding and bumping into a large collidable object called "warning sign", like in Radiance. At this time the final escalation may or may not be bugged; there are several reports that it does not spawn any hive mother or sentient spawn. Didn't spawn any for me.

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