Gurista Provincial HQ

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Gurista Provincial HQ
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5?
Deadspace varies
Gated varies
Probe signature ~0.05
Loot type Pith X-Type?
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The highest end Gurista escalation site. This entry is incomplete; if you get the escalations please document your experiences.


Initial site

First room

The initial acceleration gate warps you in next to a big cage-like structure with a control tower and a bunch of other structures in it. The room has 8 battleships, 5 battlecruisers, 5 frigs (some scrambling) and two stasis towers. Kill them all and then blow up the control tower to unlock the gate; nothing more spawns in the first room.

Second room

Second room has a Caldari station (named Guristas War Installation) inside another cage-like structure, plus 6 battleships, 6 frigates (some scrambling/webbing), 4 tower sentries and 4 siege railgun batteries (about 100k HP), all around 80km from the warpin point. DPS is considerably higher than in the first room. Blow up everything. Then shoot the station (triggers a kinetic smartbomb that hits all ships on grid with around 7000 raw kinetic damage before resists, this can happen 2 consecutive times). It has a ton of HP, but when it's in low structure another spawn will appear, consisting of 10 BS (one faction), 6 cruisers/BC and 6 scrambling/webbing frigates. They aggro instantly and randomly so make sure your priests are prepared, and be careful with your drones. Blow them all up, then finish off the station. Blowing up the station is most likely the escalation trigger but this explorer has not yet seen the site escalate.

No jamming ships were spotted during the entire run, but the spawns are likely random so don't count on that always being the case.

First escalation: No Quarter (Part 1)

8 battleships, 1 faction battleship, 3 HACs, 4 Destroyer at warp in.
This was seen while using a pod to scout the site.
After warping back to the site in a ship I got directly to the second room, which was empty, and the next escalation was triggered.

Most likely the Gurista version of the first rooms in the Sansha Provincial HQ and Angel Provincial HQ respectively.

Second escalation: No Quarter (Part 2)

At warp in (no deadspace): 2 jamming frigates. 9 battleships, 1 faction battleship. 10 HACs. 2 web towers, 6 Tower Sentry III. Destroy the tower (Gurista Control Center) to trigger the next escalation.

Third escalation: No Quarter (Part 3)

At warp in (no deadspace): 9 battleships (1 faction), 8 HACs, 2 siege tower, 2 web tower, 1 Gurista Annihilation Missile Battery (does about 5000 EM damage before resists every 10 seconds). The towers are 110 km from the warp in. 1 jamming cruiser. Over 3000 dps combined.

Aggressing on the Annihilation Missile Battery triggers a second wave which consists of 10 battleships, 7 frigates (webbing and warp scrambling), no jammers (ecm) encountered.

Fourth escalation: No Quarter (Part 4)

this is shitty write up rewrite if you do it, i wasnt really paying attention with my massive overkill carrier circle jerk

at warp in 8 seige turrets, a load of bs 20+ lots of jamming hac's

when you agressed teh station another wave spawned, and in low structure a overseer that tanked 2 carriers for 15 minutes spawned.

overseer dropped ammo + small faction ammo, whole chain was bugged and required multiple petitions to complete, likely loot is normally alot better

used two carriers and was easily accomplished tanking wise, but the overseer would probably be impossible to do with one carrier as he has massive active sheild tanking.