Gurista Military Complex

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Gurista Military Complex
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Corpus (!) A-Type
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Higher end Gurista escalation site. Very similar to the Sansha equivalent. For some inexplicable reason related to CCP being CCP, the final escalation drops Corpus (blood raider deadspace) A-Type loot instead of Pith (gurista deadspace) A-Type.


Initial site

First room

The first acceleration gate warps you in next to a forcefield surrounding the acceleration gate to the next room, under a Gurista Control Tower and several other structures. Around the warpin point are three groups of Guristas consisting all together of around 12 Conquistador and Usurper BS and several BC. They all aggress you right away. Upon aggressing the tower a weak smartbomb hits for around 200 damage after resists and another group of 7 mixed Usurper and Destroyer BS spawn along with a couple tackling frigs. To unlock the gate blow up the control tower and the forcefield building (right next to the gate, inside the field but drones can hit it).

Second room

The second room has 4 sentry batteries, 8 BS (Conquistador/Massacrer/Usurper) plus some support w/tacklers. Firing on the station can cause it to fire off an EM smartbomb that does roughly 4000 damage. (There is also a chance for a second EM smartbomb that does 5400 EM damage before resists.) After getting the stronghold building to around half structure (it has a shitton of HP but doesn't tank), another group of BS spawn, similar to the first one but this time including a Dread Guristas destroyer BS. After killing them and finishing off the stronghold the site can escalate.

First escalation: Pirate's Path (Part 1)

Warp in to land on a gate guarded by around 6 BS (same types as in the first stage), 1 Dread Gurista BS and some assorted support. Second room has one HAC, kill it to get a chance at a further escalation.

Second escalation: Pirate's Path (Part 2)

4 BS and 4 frigates will attack you upon warpin. After you deal any damage to the Guristas Terrorist Attack Center 7 BS (including a Dread Guristas spawn), 6 cruise missile batteries and some tackling frigs appear. Kill the Terrorist center for a chance at a further escalation.

Third escalation: Pirate's Path (Part 3)

Warp in to 4 BS, 8 HAC's and a couple inties. The second room is empty except for a beacon that you need to approach in order to trigger the escalation.

Final escalation: Pirate's Path (Part 4)

This stage will require a very strong tank. 10 BS + 5 hacs spawn less than 30 seconds after you warp on grid, and then about 20 BS + misc support more spawn on a set timer (around 2,5 minutes). A named BS called Gurista Relay Commander also appears, killing him triggers around 10 more high-end BS to spawn, and ANOTHER Gurista Relay Commander. Killing this one makes an overseer spawn along with his named escorts (all 6 named Usurpers, 6 jamming hacs and 6 tackling frigs). The overseer tanks roughly 800 DPS, and fires off a cruise missile that does approximately 1200 damage every 10 seconds. For some reason the boss drops Corpus (yes that's the Blood Raider deadspace faction) A-type loot.

I strongly recommend dropping a carrier on the last stage due to the absurd number of battleships there.

Loot Examples

  • 2008/10: corpus a-type explosive & corpus a-type kinetic