Gurista Fortress

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Gurista Fortress
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Pith A-Type
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Mid-end Gurista escalation site. Hard but soloable in a single well fitted, high skilled PvE BS; easy with priest support. Quite similar to the other pirate fortresses.


Initial site

First room

Has 4 pockets of rats that aggro separately if you're careful. All the groups consist of 12 mixed cruiser/inty/HAC, in addition two groups further out have 3x BS. The dire frigs and cruisers all jam you but I wasn't tackled (the dire frigs probably do have a chance of tackling however).

Second room

3 cruise batteries 3 stasis batteries, 4BS and around 20 mixed frig/cruiser/HAC/BC's. Everything agresses at you straight away, but its actually pretty easy to tank, there are less jamming ships as well. The only annoying part is the stasis towers that are 65+km off the warpin and webs you to around 10m/s which leads to a lot of slowboating if your weapons don't reach that far. The escalation trigger is one of the four gurista bunkers next to the batteries.

There is a possibility of a mid-tier Dread Gurista BS spawning after killing some of the rats in the second room.

First escalation: Hired Gun (Part 1)

Upon warpin there is a deadspace gate guarded by a Dread Gurista BS, another 6 BS and 5 cruisers

Second room is empty except for a Gallente military station ruins building. Approach it to get a chance at a further escalation.

Second escalation: Hired Gun (Part 2)

This is a naked deadspace pocket (no gate) with 5 BS, 1 Dread Guristas BS, and a number of support ships ranging from Dire Pithi frigates to Pithatis BCs. They aggro immediately and offer no unusual challenges (Khefron: I wasn't tackled and was jammed infrequently during this site). The site escalated after killing a certain percentage of the rats (the DG boss was still alive).

Third escalation: Hired Gun (Part 3)

This initially looks much the same as part 1, although the DG BS spawn is somewhat higher grade. Upon warping through the acceleration gate you'll find 1 BS, 4 jamming cruisers, and a smattering of other lesser rats surrounding a rock about 20km away from the warp in. Killing the last rat here gives you your escalation message.

Final escalation: Hired Gun (Part 4)

Upon arriving at the site, you'll find an acceleration gate. After taking the gate, you'll be dumped right on top of another gate, but surrounded by about 8 jamming cruisers, 3 BS, and several frigates. Expect to be jammed continually in this room.

The second room contains another 8-10 jammers, 4-5 BS, and a number of frigates and battlecruisers. Oh yeah, it also has a Dread Pith Protagonist, the star of this escalation. In his wreck you might find some Pith A-type loot.