Gurista Base

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Gurista Base
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Pith C-Type
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Lower end Gurista escalation site. Soloable in a well-fit rigged Dominix; using a Raven is less optimal since lol jamming.


Initial site

First room

Three BC, 170km off, they agress and start to slowboat towards you immediately. On the second attempt I had a additional HAC, 3x BC and two inties.

Second room

4 HACs 4 cruisers upon warpin, another 4BS 4 HACS will spawn 150km off after a moment. DPS is small but you WILL be permajammed so be prepared for this. After approaching the dread guristas tower two cruise missile batteries will spawn, after aggressing the tower 4BS spawn 160km off and around 10 cruisers in two separate waves around the tower. There is a possiblity for a low-tier dread gurista battleship spawning with the BS group. Killing the tower is the trigger for the escalation.

Alternate 2nd room: everything was basically the same except the tower was not spawned, and the gurista experimental weapon for all practical purposes was the tower about 150km off the warp in

First escalation: Consequences Shmonsequences (part 1)

You warp to the middle of a deadspace cloud with a set of around 12 "weapon silos" about 60km from you. Three warnings will appear in local, after that three groups of guristas (3 BS, 4 cruisers 4 frigs) will spawn in 1 minute intervals to the left, right and above you, around 40-50 km from you. Despite dramatic local messages the site is pretty easy to tank in a well-fit rigged BS. After killing most of the rats AND approaching the containers the site escalated.

Final escalation: Consequences Shmonsequences (part 2)

Site drops you in the middle of around 7 mid-tier gurista BS supported by several jamming HAC's. There is a Gurista research laboratory around 30km from the place you warp in. Dropping it to half armor made 6 cruise batteries spawn, killing it made 6 BS, some cruisers/bc and a named overseer spawn. The DPS of the group is smaller then the initial spawn. The overseer can drop Pith C-Type gear.


There also exists an alternate version of this site whitch drops you onto a yellow cloud with a guristas research facility and a single group of gurista rats with about 6 low/mid tier BS + dread gurista BS, 4x HAC, 4x BC, 8x interceptor. The facility spawns 6 cruise batteries when shot and gives a dead end message when killed. Same overseer as above.