Forgotten Ruins

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Forgotten Ruins
Type COSMOS archeology/salvage
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type Overseer's Effects, Gas Harvesting Gear
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Note: This is a COSMOS site that usually only spawns in specific COSMOS constellations. This info is for the Delve version, but looking at older versions of this page will give you the same details for Angels (in Wicked Creek). You can extrapolate the other spawns from there.


Special notes

You will need at least Archaeology level 1 to enter all gates. Almost every room has warp scrambling rats and tons of battleships; you will need a decent size group to handle this.

NOTE: The npc's in the first two rooms are faction specific to the region you are in. TANK ACCORDINGLY!

10/30 trip report: a tough nut to crack, but a dualboxing priest domi + a regular domi or abaddon should be OK. Although you need Archaeology to enter the gates and analyzers to get the loot, you do *not* need to use the analyzers on the gates themselves so you don't have to cripple your tank to run the plex.


You start with a local message that reads "Pirate Grave Robber: The ancient ruins in here are taken buddy. Leave now and maybe we'll let you go in one piece."

There are 3 'Pirate Grave Robbers', these are in fact really 3 Blood Cardinals or Popes worth about 1 million ISK bounty each.
Also, there's a large collidable structure - blow it up as it may be a trigger.
Take the Accel Gate to room one (Terrace).

First room

1st Room (Terrace): You warp in to a group of rats and 2 acceleration gates that are apart from each other There are 2 acceleration gates here. There is a gate to Hall 64 KM off the warp-in and another gate to Portal 29 Km off. Both of these gates require Archeology level 1 to enter.

1st Wave:

10-11 BS (from Popes to Archbishops if you're unlucky)
2x Blood Stasis Tower
3 BCs
3 tackling/scrambling frigs
Blood Raider Commander

6/15/09 trip report, Blood version: 2 stasis towers, 3 frigates, a few BC's and about 8-10 Popes/Cardinals less than 20km from warpin. Don't try this at home.

Killing the commander spawns a second wave of 8-9 BS, 3-4 frigates and 3-4 BCs who randomly aggro on one target. The commander drops nothing.

Second room

2nd Room (Portal) On warp in a message pop up appears reading " Charred remains and debris litter the area. A confrontation between the pirate scavengers and rogue drones must have taken place some time in the past, as the empty drone bunkers and ruined pirate ship carcasses would indicate." There is a Accel Gate to the Hall. This room may be optional - hard to tell.

Be aware the Blood Relay Commander is right on your warpin but shooting him will cause more rats to spawn, so slowboat away from him and save him for last. There are also a few warp scramming rats so it is likely wise to try to take care of those first in case your tank doesn't hold.

There is a chance for an overseer (Dark Corpus) to spawn with the third wave. It happened when I blew up the collidable structure before the first gate, maybe that's it. He dropped nothing for me though.

1st Wave is about the same as Room 1. Several groups - most are 20 km from warpin, some are 40. All insta aggro:

1x Blood Stasis Tower
11x BS (Monsignors, Archbishops, Patriarchs)
3x BC
3x frig (non tackling)
Relay Commander BS

2nd Wave: Another 6-8 BS, 4-6 BC and 3 frigs. All insta aggro on a random target, including drones. There is also another relay commander that spawns with this wave and attacking him triggers wave 3.

3rd Wave: 9 more BS (5 cardinals/4 monsignors), aggro at random.

Third room

3rd Room (Hall) 1st Wave: 8 BS, 8 frigates, 6 cruise missile batteries. Killing a CM battery spawns about 8 more frigates. Nothing else of interest except for 6 cans that need an analyzer.

On 6/24/09; they contained cloud harvesters, cloud harvesting skill books and were sometimes empty. - BonzaiDNA They also contained a basic implant for me - Weaselior

Fourth room

4th Room (Sanctum) Wave 1 (about 40km from warpin):

15x BS of various kinds
8 BCs
6 sentry towers.

Unlike what was written here earlier it's perfectly doable with 2 domis or any other dualbox combo, if properly tanked. There is also a "Hive Mother" gun that drops a can (loot this) when killed. Killing this gun spawns Wave 2.

Wave 2:

11 BS
4 cruise missile batteries.

25 BS is probably too many to dual box so don't kill the HM accidentally (drones will pretty much instapop it.)

In addition to the Hive Mother's can, there are 2 cans called "Ancient Ruins". Analyzing the first one spawns another Bloor Raider group (4 BCs, 3 BS) and "Kansham Murdec", a DB Archon. The second is booby trapped for something like 2.5K shield damage (on an armor tanked ship).

On 6/24/09, the can contained Skirmish Warfare Mindlink implant, 20th Tier Overseer's Effect and a small random amount of drone minerals. In the ruins, there were more 'crop' gas harvesters. - BonzaiDNA

10/30/09: the can had a T2 information warfare implant, effects and minerals. Ruins had a gas harvester. Named pirate dropped a DB RCU, crystal and tag.