Dread Gurista Fleet Staging Point

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Dread Gurista Fleet Staging Point
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Initial site and first escalation
Gated Initial site and first escalation
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Pith A-Type
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Almost exactly like the Domination Fleet Staging Point, this is a very highend complex (~0.05 signature with quests) that seems to always escalate to a station encounter.


Initial site

Upon warping to the site you get a popup message, like with the DED complexes.

First gate leads into a deadspace area with two waves of rats, each containing about 6 BS (Ursurper and Massacrer) and a couple of cruisers.

Another acceleration gate leads into a second deadspace area with three more waves of similar composition, plus cruise missile batteries and energy neutralizing batteries. Upon blowing up the last ship of the last rat spawn, the site escalates.

First escalation

The second site is deadspace but has no entry gate; roughly 8 BS rats spawn on warp-in. Blowing them up and/or approaching the gate (around 40km from you) spawns more rats plus cruise missile and neut batteries. One of the BS rats is named "Gurista Scout Commander", with a 3.5m bounty; he drops 12th Tier Overseer's effects.

The gate leads into a final deadspace pocket with a stasis tower and several cruise missile batteries, plus about 8 BS. There are a total of two spawns here, the initial and the second which comes after destroying the last battleship of the first spawn. Destroying the last battleship of the final spawn escalates you to the final site.

Final escalation

The final encounter is also much like the Angel equivalent but definitely not easier, quite the opposite. There's a gigantic webbing station that shoots Thor citadel torpedoes at you (EM damage (yes EM damage in a Gurista plex, not a typo)), but unlike the Angel variant which is easy to tank, this one's torps do almost 7000 damage per hit after 93% EM resists (around 105,000 raw EM damage). You'll need a very, very strong tank to deal with this station. Possibly good tank ships include trimarked Abaddons, field extended Broadswords or well tanked carriers.

Alternative Approach to tanking the Station:

A Crow (and a logistics ship) will work too, just make sure to be outside of 65 km of the station (it webs) and don't bump off of something, you can outrun the torps easily at 2 km/s.

You'll need 2-3 BS to break its shield regen (900 kinetic dps works fine). As in the Angel variant, there are three waves of rats that spawn at different points of the station's health; the second one includes three neut batteries. Spawns will occur at 1/2 shield, 0 shield and 1/2 armor.

Destroy the station to collect 22nd tier overseer's effects and (hopefully) Pith A-Type loot.

Loot Examples

2008/10/09: Pith A-Type Heat Dissipation Field, 22nd tier overseer's effects