Centus Assembly T.P. Co.

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Centus Assembly T.P. Co.
Type DED complex (10/10)
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown (~0.01 quest strength)
Loot type Centus X-Type, overseer effects
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The Sansha 10/10 DED complex. Easy, apart from the final room which makes it probably the most difficult Sansha complex, harder than even the provincial HQ. Said room has a very nasty station that shoots citadel torpedoes doing 105,000 raw EM damage per hit.

Note: to enter this plex you need the Leadership skill trained to level 5; the entrance gate won't activate for characters that don't have it.


First room

7 battleships, 7-8 cruisers/BC and a handful of frigates, plus a station that webs you and shoots citadel torpedoes (unlike the ones in the final room, these ones don't do very much damage, entire room is rather easily tankable with a priest). Lots of oddly named ships but they're all just renamed normal ones. Blow up the station to collect 19th tier overseer effects; it has a nasty tank and requires around 4-5 BS worth of DPS to kill. However, the gate isn't locked so you can just skip right past it if necessary.

Second room

9 battleships, 5 cruisers/BC, 5-ish frigates, 4 sentry guns. The battleships that are named "True Power Reprocessing Overseer" aren't actually overseers, just normal battleships. Blow up the Centus Reprocessing Station (overseer's structure) to collect 20th tier overseer effects.

Third room

9 battleships, 5 cruisers/BC, 15-ish frigates, one cruise missile battery. Again there is no overseer, blow up the Assembly Management HQ to collect 21st tier overseer effects.

Fourth room

9 battleships, 9 cruisers/BC, about 20 frigates, 4 stasis towers, 8 heavy missile batteries and a few sentry guns. There's a whole bunch of spawn containers named product storage and product container; these drop T1 ammo. The container named "special products" contains 22nd tier overseer effects.

Final room

12 battleships, 10 cruisers/BC, 10-ish frigates, and "Station Ultima", which webs you and shoot citadel torpedoes that do 105,000 raw EM damage per hit. The torps also ignore signature radius tanking, so you need a ship with extreme EM resists and a very big buffer tank to deal with it. Good candidates are Abaddons, Muninns and Broadswords. Unlike the station in the first room, this one doesn't tank very much at all. Blow it up to collect 23rd tier overseer effects and potentially some Centus X-Type loot.