CHAIN Mindflood Production Facility

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Chain Mindflood Production Facility
Type Booster production/hacking
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes?
Gated No?
Probe signature Ladar
Loot type Mindflood related BPCs
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Flavor Text

From the time they first appeared in this area, the Crimson Hand’s operatives have been tied to countless kidnappings, assaults and murders. These crimes usually involve low-life drug addicts and other social rejects whose absence few people notice or care about. In order to supplement funding for increased military expansion, the Crimson Hand is also rumored to have sanctioned low-security narcotics peddling. It seems the Hand is bolstering not only their wallets but also the number of people crewing their ships and slaving away deep in their null-sec strongholds.

High-value, no-nonsense customers know these stories all too well and don’t push things if they’re smart. In return for their patronage they receive top quality service and deals on Mindflood boosters that nobody can match.


Initial Wave

On Warp-in:

Second Wave

-Triggered after killing all 6 Battleships (not Captain)

Hacking Containers

There are hacking containers randomly spawned. It appears you can get up to 8 in a random mix.


  • The Neut Tower are pretty serious, target them first. If you are not flying a cap-careless setup, be sure to bring backup priest options.
  • Destroying the CHAIN Drug Lab doesn't seem to drop anything, and neither does the cargo bays/Docked Bestowers.

Trip Reports

  • Trip Report 06/20/2009
    • Room included 2 x Energy Neut Sentry II and 4 cruise batteries, 2 waves of BS + Support (frigs/cruisers). First wave included a named cruiser (lieutenant something) no sign of named BS
    • The cans included were training cubes which dropped crap I never heard of (17 successful torture techinuqes!?!) + skill books (Drug manufacturing, Nanite Control)

  • Trip Report 23/06/2009
    • 2x Energy Neut Sentry and 4x Cruise Batteries, one additional wave after the first wave is killed. No named ships. Got some skill books and Improved Mindflood Booster Reaction.
  • Trip Report 12/07/2009
    • 2x Energy Neut Sentry and 4x Cruise Batteries, one additional wave after the first wave is killed. No named ships. Got 2x Neurotoxin Recovery books and Standard Mindflood Booster Reaction + 50-run Booster BPC. Fuck this site.
  • Trip Report 8/27/09
    • Scanned two of these in the same system yesterday and ran both of them today. Yesterday, when I scouted with a covops, one had a captain and the other a lieutenant. When I warped in today, the captain was still at one site, but the lieutenant had vanished from the other overnight. In addition, the version with the captain had 8 hackable containers, but the lieutenant's only had 6. Because this site seems to have 2 versions, if you get one without a named spawn or with the lieutenant but want the one with the captain, you could take a chance and let it stick around through downtime; unless it despawns entirely, which version comes up is probably determined when the server reboots. At any rate, the captain dropped nothing of note, but the newly lieutenant-less version had a Nanite Control skillbook in one of the containers.
  • Trip Report 1/09/2009
    • I've got 2 books already mentioned above and loads of various trash. Seems pretty useless site in all senses.
  • Trip Report Aug/18/2009
    • Total of six hackable containers, two waves. Got a couple of 50-run BPCs (Strong Mindflood, Improved Mindflood), couple of reactions (Standard Mindflood, Improved Mindflood), and trash ("Cold Turkey"? Seriously?)
  • Trip Report 10/8/09
    • Got this site twice. First one had 3x training cubes and 3x science labs. No named ships. Second time had lieutenant, 3x training cubes, 1x science lab, 2x component bins. Lieutenant didn't drop anything.
  • Trip Report 10/9/09
    • Got the 8-can version with the lieutenant. Dropped a 50-run standard mindflood BPC and that's it.
  • Trip Report 1/5/10
    • 14.2 m bounties and 3 x training cubes with a key in each named "Pillaging 101". That's it. :condi:, CCP.