Blood Sanctum

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Blood Sanctum
Type Exploration Complex
Number of sites 1
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Dark Blood
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Blood Raider exploration complex. This is the most difficult and most profitable Cosmic Anomaly that spawns in Delve. A battleship can solo this with difficulty, two or more people can clear this easily.

Initial Site

Warping to this signature results in no pop-up.

The site is neither deadspace or gated. There are at least two versions of the site.

Station Version:

Rats spawn when you attack the "pirate complex" large structure in the middle of the site.

First Wave:

  • 7x Corpus Patriarch battleships
  • 3x Elder Corpum Sage cruisers w/ neuts
  • 3x Elder Corpii Diviner frigates

More ships have warped into the area

Second Wave

  • 3x Corpus Patriarch battleships
  • 4x Elder Corpum Shadow Sage cruisers

Third Wave

  • 3x Corpus Pope battleships
  • 4x Elder Corpii Engraver frigates

Forth Wave

  • 3x Corpus Patriarch
  • 4x Corpalis Exorcist battlecruisers

Fifth Wave

  • 3x Corpus Pope battleships
  • 2x Corpus Monsignor battleships
  • 2x Elder Corpum Shadow Sage cruisers
  • 3x Elder Corpii Collector frigates w/ tracking disruptors

Sixth Wave

  • 4x Corpus Patriarch battleships
  • 3x Corpalis Phantom battlecruisers
  • 3x Corpior Cleric destroyers
  • 3x Elder Corpii Raider frigates

Seventh Wave

  • 3x Corpus Pope battleships
  • 3x Corpalis Fanatic battlecruisers
  • 3x Elder Corpum Dark Priest cruisers
  • 3x Elder Corpii Engraver frigate w/ tracking disruptors

You can blow the station up....

Dust and debris spews forth from the station as it quickly breaks apart.

... then 'oh hey a container of shit T1 loot, fuck CCP'.

  • sometimes you do get faction ammo from this structure.

'Looped Coils' Version:

Rats spawn around four looped coils of Explosion Dampening Arrays.

First Wave:

  • 4-5x Corpus Pope battleships
  • 4-8x Corpior Devoter destroyers

An additional group of enemy ships have arrived.

Second Wave:

  • 4x Corpus Pope battleships
  • 4x Corpatis Shade battlecruisers

Third Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Patriarch battlehsips
  • 3x Elder Corpum Arch Templar cruisers

Fourth Wave:

  • 3x Corpus Patriarch battleships
  • 3x Elder Corpii Follower frigates

Fifth Wave:

  • 1x Dark Blood Pope battleship
  • 3x Corpus Pope battleships
  • 4x Corpus Patriarch battleships
  • 4x Elder Corpum Arch Priest cruisers
  • 4x Elder Corpii Herald friages

Trip Reports

Trip Report 6/26/09 - No Dark Blood Pope Spawned during fifth wave. A sixth wave appeared similar to fifth (No Dark Blood again). A seventh wave spawned, slightly more ships. This time there was a Dark Blood Cardinal.

Trip Report 7/5/09 - No Dark Blood spawned at all :colbert:

2009.07.15 The original article is not outdated, I've got the exact spawn described, no "complex" but "looped coils"

Note: The Cruiser rats will drain your cap in a matter of seconds Kill them quickly.

Trip Report 7/23/09 - 5 waves, no Dark Blood spawn :condi:

8/2/09 - Site under this name appeared as cluster of rats around abandoned station. Possible CCP change?

8/14/09 - No Dark Bloods.

10/1/09 - DB Pope spawned. Dropped Tags, Ammo, Eng. Reactive membrane and DB Warp Scram. This site is harder than it's worth.

11/11/09 - Spawns in Looped Coils version were a bit different. All battleship spawns were the same, but 2nd wave had Seers instead of Shades, 3rd had Sages instead of Arch Templars, and 5th wave had Shadow Sages and Followers in place of Arch Priests and Heralds. No DB. Fuck CCP.

11/29/09 - Ran both versions today, approx 30mil per hour in strictly bounties, was not looting. No faction spawns.

12/04/09 - No dark bloods. :condi:

12/16/09 - No dark bloods. Escalation to 10/10 Naval Shipyard

1/24/10 - Last spawn had 8 popes. And no dark bloods.