Blood Raider Temple Complex

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Blood Raider Temple Complex
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Corpus A-type, tears
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High end Blood Raider site. In general, a huge pain in the ass due to the large number of high HP neutralizer towers and constantly respawning waves. Gated parts can be done in pulse apoc/4 rep, 2 energy transfer dominix combo; for the rest access to a carrier and dread is recommended. Do note that running this site is quite likely to end in tears. (See also details for last escalation.)


Initial site

First room

Gated. 7 Pope BS, 3 dark priest cruiser, 4 frigs, 4 sentry towers. No webs/scram encountered. Acceleration gate 10km from start.

After the last Pope dies, 4 more spawn along with 3 BC. When the last dark priest cruiser dies, 4 patriarch BS along with 4 frigates spawn.

Second room

8 BS, 2 stasis towers, 2 neut towers, 2 BC, 2 web/scram frigs, 8 sentry towers.

4 web/scram frigates seemed to randomly spawn a couple minutes in. After killing the last monsignor BS, 4 archbishop and 4 seer BC spawned. Killing the last Seer BC spawned 4 Pope BS and 4 frigates.

Escalation on killing the last ship.

First escalation:

First room

Deadspace, not gated, room easily wiped out with a carrier. I recommend you do this.

7 BS, 4 neut towers, 4 missile batteries, 7 BC, 8 frigates (scram/web), 8 sentry towers. Acceleration gate 36km from start.

Twice, killing a shadow sage cruiser spawned 4 Harbinger BS, 2 more shadow sage cruisers, 4 frigs. Killing the last collector frigate spawned 4 more of them.

Second room

8 Neut towers III's, 6 BS, 9 frigate, 3 BC, 8 sentry towers. Note that the neut towers here have considerably more HP than the ones in the first room. 2 energy transfers from a priest dominix seemed to be enough to keep the tank's hardeners running.

3 seemingly random frigate spawns a couple minutes in. Finishing off any one type of sub-BS spawned 2-3 frigates. Finishing off any type of BS spawned 4 more of that type, i.e. finishing that last Corpus Monsignor from the initial warpin spawned 4 more.

Escalation after the last Pope BS is killed.

Final escalation (The inner sanctum):

WARNING: Don't fuck around with temple, you will lose shit if you don't pay attention or know what to do Don't try to half ass this plex

Not gated.

12 neut tower III's, 4 BC, 4 HAC, 12 BS, 10 web/scram frigates, 12 sentry towers and the:

~Blood raider fleet outpost~

The outpost shoots a thor torpedo that does 180k EM damage every 30 seconds, while your tank will be neuted to 0 cap. Use a passive tanked ship. A passive tanked capital, abaddon, T2 or T3 minmatar ships are the only possible ships you can use to tank this plex. If you need faction or deadspace passive hardeners make a thread in s-mart, there are tons of explorers with either dark blood/a-type energized reflective/thermic membranes.

Don't bump the warpin beacon while aligning out :cripes: (moral of this story: don't try this site with a solo carrier, as detailed below it's almost like the site was deliberately designed to be a carrier trap). Warp in with a pod first and make a bookmark away from the warp-in point, as even small shit gets caught in the Basilica.

An upside to all this is that the outpost has relatively very little HP. It tanks about 1000 DPS like the sentinal in the first part and 4 volleys from a sieged moros was able to take it down. Be warned that at this point, I had taken out all the neut towers beforehand doing carrier drive-by's, so if you destroy the outpost first, your cap may be nuked to 0 while still in siege. As of Dominion, drones work on the structure, so the fast way of doing this without caps is to kill the frigates, shoot the structure, loot, align and gang warp out. If you want to make the extra 50m in bounties by all means stick around and shoot the respawns that aggro randomly.

Loot the outpost for tasty corpus a-type stuff and 22nd overseers effects.

Run of 15/03/2009 dropped a Corpus A-type LAR, Corpus A-type Explosive hardener and 22nd overseers effects.

19/4/09: 22nd effects. Fuck goons.

22/4/09: 22nd effects. Fuck goons.

5/5/2009 dropped a Corpus A-type LAR and 22nd overseers effects.

20/9/2009 Corpus A-type LAR, Corpus A-Type EM Armor Hardener and 22nd overseers effects.

22/12/2009 Corpus A-Type EM Armor Hardener and 22nd overseers effects.'

I ran this site for the previous entries and killed the Outpost before everything else was dead. Apprently this may have an effect on the loot dropped.

24/12/2009 Corpus A-Type LAR, Corpus A-Type Therm Armor Hardener and 22nd overseers effects.

Did this on July 18th. Followed the above for everything until the final escalation. We used a Bloros and a Nidhoggor with a guardian and a RR apoc with a harbinger along for the moral support.

Moros was passive tanked and was never in danger of dying even while being shot at by the tower. Nidhoggor was cap stable and could run 3 capital RRs. Only needed 2 for the majority of the escalation. With 3, there was no problem. The problem with this last escalation is that there is so much stuff, and there are respawns. We had 3 groups of 4-6 battleships enter halfway through, and they aggroed randomly. We had to setup a spider tank, but made it through without any casualties. While Abaddons and Munnins work, a Dread/Carrier combo is by far the easiest. Dropped 22nd Tier Effects, Corpus A-type Armor Explosive, Corpus A-type Armor Kinetic, and Corpus A-Type LAR -Camador 7/18

07/12/2010 Corpus A-Type Nos Corpus A-Type Em Hardener and 22nd overseers effects.

Gang comprised of 2 x Abaddon 1 x Dominix 1 x Maelstrom 1 x Zealot 2 x Oneiros 1 x Guardian (all using 4 x LRAR each, 2 energy transfers on the Guardian). Focused fire on the tower and it went down in under a minute. The primary Abaddon had no problem tanking with all the reppers on it, once Tower went down and new spawns started appearing had to switch reppers but again no major problems.

01/17/2010: Effects and nothing else, fuck CCP/goons/Querious.